Treasured Family visit..

We are still living in Bellevue, Washington. Our grown children were able to visit us here last week. We were sooo excited to see all of them. These visits are few and far between and much looked forward to and treasured afterwards. Especially in light of the deaths we have had in my family this summer, I was really looking forward to their visit.

Reimer Family Aug '11

Our daughter Kara and husband Nick arrived first. After an overnight with us, they were off for a vacation on the Oregon coast but we knew they were coming back when the rest of the family arrived.

Our son, Josh came next for a day before his wife and our only grandson Silas arrived. It was fun to have an entire day with Josh to just hang out. But I must admit we were all glad to have Teresa and Silas arrive especially when their plane was delayed and it was very early in the morning. Silas at 5 looked like a “deer in the headlights” when he first saw us. He was sooo tired from that long flight from the east coast. I think it was about 14 hours of travel. That is long for any age!

We got to see a lot of things around Seattle. We went to the Pike Place Market,

Pike Place Market

We saw the Space Needle but went up in the Smith Tower which was MUCH cheaper and had great views of the city, the port and Mt Rainier.

Seattle City view of Space Needle

Mt Rainier

View of Mt Rainier

We got to the Museum of Flight at Boeing. We had seen the Blue Angels practicing earlier in the day so it was really fun to show Silas how big the airplanes were.

Kent and Silas at Museum of Flight

We also got to see the Chittenham Locks where boats go from fresh water to sea water or the reverse. We got to watch a boat go through. There was also a fish ladder there and we did see some salmon and hear an interesting talk about salmon. We wore Silas out and so he rested on my back.

Chittenham Locks in Seattle

Chittenham Lock, grandma and Silas

There was a botanical garden there as well.

Josh & Teresa in the Botanical Garden at Locks

We also got to go on a boat from camp and go tubing and Nick and Josh even tried wake boarding. We all came back tired but had a great time. I forgot my camera this day. Oops!

We took the scenic route to Bellingham, where Kent’s parents live. We took a short ferry boat ride from the town of Mulkiteo

Kent and Silas on ferry

Then the road to Deception Pass

Deception Pass bridge

Kara showing Silas something

and then Chuckanut Drive to Bellingham. It was great scenery even though a bit cloudy. Kara and Nick got some Clam chowder which was much enjoyed.

Kara and Nick on ferry from Mulkiteo

We met up with Kent’s brother Glen and family in Birch Bay, WA. Mom and Dad Reimer and Kent’s sister LeAnn and husband Ken were there as well. We met again on Saturday at Mom and Dad’s farm.

Picnic at Mom and Dad Reimer's

Everyone seemed to enjoy picking raspberries but Silas especially did with Great-Grandpa Reimer.

Silas & Great Grandpa picking raspberries

On Sunday we went to church with Mom and Dad and then to their church picnic and celebrated there Mom and Dad’s 65th Wedding Anniversary. It was so fun to be with their church friends as well.

65th Ann cake

Nick took family pictures but I don’t have the one of all of us so I will just put this one of our family with Grandpa and Grandma in here. I will add the other one later on.

Our family and Grandpa and Grandma

My favorite one of Silas and I.

Silas and Grandma Aug '11

All the family is now at their respective homes. We loved the time together and now have sweet memories until the next time.

We do pray that you will have some special time with your family to treasure.

Love to you all,

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

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