Our son and daughter-in-law’s 7th Anniversary and son-in-law’s 33rd birthday

Yes, we do have both events on the same day, August 14th, believe it or not? Even though we are not with our family in the same place to celebrate these life events, I still try to remember these very special days.

Our son Josh and his wife Teresa are still living in Detroit. Both of them are still going to school but soon will be done. Josh is studying Business Finance and Teresa is working on getting her Nurse Practitioner’s Masters Degree. Both still work and take care of 5 year old Silas as well as help many other people in their lives. They are doing very well and we are so proud of them as a couple and as parents.

I am so grateful that our family was all together recently. We cherish these memorable days when all of us are in one place to just hang out and get to know one another better.

Here is Nick and Kara when they were camping on the Oregon coast. Happy 33rd Birthday Nick! We are proud of Nick too and are glad for the wonderful husband he is to Kara. I had to borrow this picture from them as Nick seemed to always be behind the camera when I was taking candid shots.

Kara and Nick on Oregon Coast

Here Nick and Silas are going for a walk

Nick and Silas on a walk

Josh and Teresa just celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary on August 14th too. We are so proud of them too. I was able to get several pictures of them while we were together in Washington. I can hardly realize that much 7 years have gone by until I look at Silas who is 5 3/4 years old as he told anyone who asked him.

Josh and Teresa in Garden in Wa

At the Pacific Ocean

At Birch Bay, WA on the Pacific Ocean

I love when Teresa does fun and creative things with her hair like this. This picture was taken at Deception Pass, WA

Josh and Teresa at Deception Pass

Sometimes we get to see how God continues to work in our kids lives. I was able to capture a beautiful picture of Josh helping a very dear friend of ours. Goldie had taken a pretty bad fall in April and had recovered from it..but Josh held her hand while the family toured their new church building. I couldn’t resist taking this picture. He has always had a tender spot and especially for this couple as they have adopted our family years ago.

Josh with Goldie

Here we all are with Goldie and Ed.

Ed,Goldie and our family

I also wanted to say how glad I am that my sister-in-law (Kent’s sister) LeAnn and Ken her husband also celebrated their 5th anniversary on August 5th when all the family was together. That was special too! They helped to make this bigger family gathering go well for all. I so appreciate their help and support through all of it. They have been painting their house this summer and we have tried to help them out a bit. We so enjoy hanging out with them.

LeAnn and Ken's 5th anniversary

Well, I do hope you enjoy your family’s special days especially if you can be together for them.

Love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers

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