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Our grandson is turning 6 today

September 24, 2011

Wow..that is so hard to realize that he is old enough to be in first grade! The years have just flown by. But he sure is excited about being in first grade now.

We got to talk by SKYPE to Silas and his parents, Josh and Teresa a few nights ago. It allows you to actually see and interact with your loved ones. That is so nice when we are so far apart and there are important days like this.

They are all doing well and Silas is particularly excited for his birthday. These days are when it is hard to be far away and miss out on all the fun of a birthday. So since I can’t be there, let me show you some of my favorite pictures of Silas. OK?

Here when he was just a few weeks old..

Grandpa and Grandma with Silas

Such a sweet family

J,T and Silas as baby

Grandpa and Silas sitting in the grass and dandelions

Grandpa and Silas @6months old

I always love when I get to read to Silas

Thxgiving '09

Wearing his daddy’s Comcast hat

Here he is Comcastic...

Going skiing
TXgiving '09

He and his mom are very close

Teresa and Silas TXgiving '09

Beating Grandpa at a video game

May 2010

I love helping him with his bath.

This summer our whole family again got to be with his great grandparents. Kent’s mom and dad in Washington state. Silas loved picking raspberries with great grandpa.

With Reimer great grandparents

Aunt Kara loves spending time with Silas. Here they are at the Museum of flight. Uncle Nick is taking pictures so not in this one.

Kara and Silas '11 at Musuem of flight

Silas and Grandpa showing off a bit

March 2011

Here is one of my new favorites..Loving that watermelon.

Silas at picnic WA trip Aug '11

God bless you, Silas. We love YOU lots and lots and miss you tons. Thanks for calling us the other night!! Have a wonderful 6th Birthday!

Love ya,

Grandma and Grandpa Reimer

Our daughter Kara and husband Nick’s 5th Wedding Anniversary

September 18, 2011

Saturday September 17th was our daughter and son-in-law’s 5th wedding anniversary. Wow, I can hardly believe that much time has gone by..but it sure has. They were married on a cool and beautiful day in the foothills of Denver, Colorado on a Saturday.

Here is the picture they used on their wedding invitation.

I am so glad that Kara married Nick. Just this week I was thinking of them and so grateful for the good husband Nick is to Kara. She is a good wife to Nick too. They are so cute together and good for each other.

We got to be with them a bit more this past spring and summer. We were able to see them in May on our drive north. On a drive through the mountains I got these playful pictures of Nick kissing Kara.

Nick kissing Kara 1

Nick kissing Kara 2

A picture of them when our family was in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 2009

K & N in Vancouver 09

When they are on vacation they take some incredible pictures. Here is one taken on a vacation last year.

On New Orleans vacation

On their Oregon coast vacation this summer.

Here is one that Kent took this spring when we were together. It is one of my new favorites of them.

K&N in Colorado '11

Congratulations Kara and Nick on 5 years marriage! May God give you many, many more years together! We are so proud of you two.

Love, Mom/ Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Ministry at Camp SAMBICA

September 11, 2011

We are “parked” at a Christian camp called SAMBICA in Bellevue, Washington and enjoying it. They held 9 weeks of kids camps. Wow, what a busy time that was! But God was working, as over 600 kids made first time professions of faith in Christ and many other kids committed their lives to Christ anew. That was wonderful to see and be a part of!!!

Kent is busy working with local pastors to encourage more mission involvement in the churches. He continues his works with individuals who are interested in joining the mission as well.

I am busy with the flowers on the camp. In fact, I had a nickname during camp…The Flower Lady. What else, right? So I thought you might like to see a few of the flower beds I have been working in. As I work, in the flower beds and as the kids come by, I pray for God to work in and through me and this camp for His Glory.

This flower bed was created to cover some concrete pillar bases after the pillars were removed.

Flower bed before planting

Here is what it looked like once I got all the 200+ plants planted in it.

Baby plants

This is the way it looks now that everything is blooming well. And it will look even better once we put in benches to cover the remaining concrete pads.

Flower box full of flowers

I also planted many other flowers and plants around camp. Here are some of them.

Along the road to parking area
Big pots along road of dining hall

In front of the dining hall
flower bed infornt of dining hall

In front of the main office area
Under the tree on berm in fornt of office

My team of co-workers and boss even removed a tree the other day and we are getting ready to fill in an old pond that had become septic. We had concerns about safety with a pond on a children’s camp. So we had decided to remove the danger.

Tree and pond

We also wanted to take out a tree that was blocking the sun from this space. We needed to use the backhoe for this job.

Getting help from the backhoe

Even so the tree was slow to give up it’s space…

The tree being pulled out

My boss on the backhoe pulling on the tree

My boss using the backhoe to pull out the tree

Finally the tree gives way and it is loose.

Tree down and out

I will plant some appropriate perennial plants here so it will be looking pretty good fairly soon.

All of the flowers are still looking nice and we are grateful for the way God has allowed Kent and I to “flower” here in the Seattle area. We will only be here for a few more weeks before we start our travels south.

May God allow you to “bloom” where He has planted you.

Love from Jan for the Roaming Reimers