Ministry at Camp SAMBICA

We are “parked” at a Christian camp called SAMBICA in Bellevue, Washington and enjoying it. They held 9 weeks of kids camps. Wow, what a busy time that was! But God was working, as over 600 kids made first time professions of faith in Christ and many other kids committed their lives to Christ anew. That was wonderful to see and be a part of!!!

Kent is busy working with local pastors to encourage more mission involvement in the churches. He continues his works with individuals who are interested in joining the mission as well.

I am busy with the flowers on the camp. In fact, I had a nickname during camp…The Flower Lady. What else, right? So I thought you might like to see a few of the flower beds I have been working in. As I work, in the flower beds and as the kids come by, I pray for God to work in and through me and this camp for His Glory.

This flower bed was created to cover some concrete pillar bases after the pillars were removed.

Flower bed before planting

Here is what it looked like once I got all the 200+ plants planted in it.

Baby plants

This is the way it looks now that everything is blooming well. And it will look even better once we put in benches to cover the remaining concrete pads.

Flower box full of flowers

I also planted many other flowers and plants around camp. Here are some of them.

Along the road to parking area
Big pots along road of dining hall

In front of the dining hall
flower bed infornt of dining hall

In front of the main office area
Under the tree on berm in fornt of office

My team of co-workers and boss even removed a tree the other day and we are getting ready to fill in an old pond that had become septic. We had concerns about safety with a pond on a children’s camp. So we had decided to remove the danger.

Tree and pond

We also wanted to take out a tree that was blocking the sun from this space. We needed to use the backhoe for this job.

Getting help from the backhoe

Even so the tree was slow to give up it’s space…

The tree being pulled out

My boss on the backhoe pulling on the tree

My boss using the backhoe to pull out the tree

Finally the tree gives way and it is loose.

Tree down and out

I will plant some appropriate perennial plants here so it will be looking pretty good fairly soon.

All of the flowers are still looking nice and we are grateful for the way God has allowed Kent and I to “flower” here in the Seattle area. We will only be here for a few more weeks before we start our travels south.

May God allow you to “bloom” where He has planted you.

Love from Jan for the Roaming Reimers

One Response to “Ministry at Camp SAMBICA”

  1. Rachel Says:

    You are one Awesome “Flower Lady”! Only you and God could bring such beauty to this Children’s camp. So thankful God gave you this ability and this desire to beautify His world!
    Blessings to both of you from Dick & Rachel


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