Our grandson is turning 6 today

Wow..that is so hard to realize that he is old enough to be in first grade! The years have just flown by. But he sure is excited about being in first grade now.

We got to talk by SKYPE to Silas and his parents, Josh and Teresa a few nights ago. It allows you to actually see and interact with your loved ones. That is so nice when we are so far apart and there are important days like this.

They are all doing well and Silas is particularly excited for his birthday. These days are when it is hard to be far away and miss out on all the fun of a birthday. So since I can’t be there, let me show you some of my favorite pictures of Silas. OK?

Here when he was just a few weeks old..

Grandpa and Grandma with Silas

Such a sweet family

J,T and Silas as baby

Grandpa and Silas sitting in the grass and dandelions

Grandpa and Silas @6months old

I always love when I get to read to Silas

Thxgiving '09

Wearing his daddy’s Comcast hat

Here he is Comcastic...

Going skiing
TXgiving '09

He and his mom are very close

Teresa and Silas TXgiving '09

Beating Grandpa at a video game

May 2010

I love helping him with his bath.

This summer our whole family again got to be with his great grandparents. Kent’s mom and dad in Washington state. Silas loved picking raspberries with great grandpa.

With Reimer great grandparents

Aunt Kara loves spending time with Silas. Here they are at the Museum of flight. Uncle Nick is taking pictures so not in this one.

Kara and Silas '11 at Musuem of flight

Silas and Grandpa showing off a bit

March 2011

Here is one of my new favorites..Loving that watermelon.

Silas at picnic WA trip Aug '11

God bless you, Silas. We love YOU lots and lots and miss you tons. Thanks for calling us the other night!! Have a wonderful 6th Birthday!

Love ya,

Grandma and Grandpa Reimer

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