Kent speaking in Oregon

Kent preached in a church here in Southern Oregon on Sunday.

Kent at Pine Grove church 10/11

He has spoken at this church several years ago.

Pine Grove church 10/11

Our friends that we have known from our days of living in Alaska go to this church. Phil and Jeannie have been friends for more than 30 years. Phil and Kent used to fly together in SE Alaska. We have gotten to know both of them better in the past few years too.

Here they are from our visit last Thanksgiving.

Phil & Jeannie Teel 11/10

Jeannie isn’t here this year as she is in Alaska helping to their daughter and family. I do miss her but I am glad that she can be with her kids and grand kids. I understand that desire for sure!

We will be seeing some other friends that we met in Alaska on Wednesday. In the meantime we are getting some “office work” done. Kent has been preparing for a conference that he has the first weekend of November. I am trying to catch up on many things that I allowed to let pile up, while I worked this summer.

We are seeing mostly cloudy, rainy days…BUT if the sun shines or even if the rain stops, we jump up and go for a walk. Fall in the Pacific Northwest is very rainy although still beautiful. I can enjoy these rainy days to get things done “indoors.

May God Bless you today!

Love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers

One Response to “Kent speaking in Oregon”

  1. Roger Longbotham Says:

    I love your column – thanks for sharing and God bless the Roaming Reimers!


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