Today is our daughter-in-law’s birthday…

Happy birthday Teresa! We are so blessed to have such a very wonderful and caring daughter-in-law. Teresa has now been a part of our family for about 8 years now. We love and appreciate her as a daughter-in-law, as a good wife to our son, Josh, also as a wonderful mother to 6 year old Silas. She is also a great sister, daughter to her parents, good friend and a dedicated Nurse and good student too. WOW! Can you tell we are very proud of her and so grateful for her in our family? Josh did a good job of finding this wonderful young woman to be his wife.

Here are a few pictures of Teresa over these years since we have known her. Enjoy!

When we first met Teresa in 2003

We took Teresa to see Elk in Colorado in '05

Here are Teresa a few weeks after Silas was born

Josh and Teresa a few weeks after Silas was born in '05

I love that she loves our son so much!!!

She has such fun and enjoys life so much. Here she, Silas and Grandpa Kent hide in a tree in Vancouver, Canada.

This was taken during our family Thanksgiving in Denver in ’09

Teresa loves to do fun things with her hair. She did this in the car on the way to a cousin’s wedding. She is talented.

Here is a picture of Teresa with Josh and Silas this summer. We sure were so grateful for a wonderful visit with all of our family this summer.

I wish we could be with you to help celebrate your birthday…but I do hope you know how very proud of you we are! We sure do love and admire you, Teresa.

Happy Birthday from Mom and Dad Reimer
And Jan for the Roaming Reimers

One Response to “Today is our daughter-in-law’s birthday…”

  1. Nancy Wehr Says:

    Please add me to your blog email list. I enjoyed reading about your daughter-in-law.


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