Moving to the South West

We have been moving along down the road. We left the RV park in Oregon where mornings often saw lots of fog like this on the mountains.

Fog at Sutherlin, OR park

But by the afternoons, it cleared off and we even got to see the wild deer that were very much at ease in the park.

Deer at Sutherlin RV Park

This one was more curious about me than afraid.

Deer at Sutherlin

And we got to see this beautiful Maple tree now autumn colored red. I always look for these trees as they are so pretty in the fall. You can see the fog finally lifted. I get to really appreciate that tree.

View form our RV in Sutherlin

As we left we traveled through a variety of scenery.

Scenery Fall '11

We moved on through northern California and into Nevada. We have ‘boondocked” or camped with out any electricity, water nor sewer hookups, but we also have been in a RV park or two as well. We don’t mind doing the boondocking as we have a tank with water in our RV house and we are always at home.

We are in a RV park now. We are both doing some much needed jobs. Kent is working on his weekend presentation for a church in Arizona the first week of November.

I am trying to sort out all of our stuff! I started by emptying our “basement” and thoroughly vacumming it. That hasn’t happened for about two years. I sorted through most of the boxes but Kent also had to get involved in that. Then we rearranged and put the boxes back in. Much neater now!

Basement all neat Fall '11

We know that once we get to Phoenix, so many other things pull at us that we don’t get these things done…so better to work on them now. We need to “lighten the Load” every once in awhile. How about you?

We do take time out for a walk every evening. We have seen some very beautiful sunsets. Here is one for you to enjoy.

Desert sunset Fall '11

May God bless you in your life!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

One Response to “Moving to the South West”

  1. Mike Beldon Says:

    Have a good trip, hopefully we’ll be down to see you in Feb.


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