A Long day on the Road

We had quite a long day today. We left the RV park in Pahrump, Nevada at exactly 9am as we knew we were to have to drive a long way and Kent was to meet a pastor at 4 pm. So we got going about an hour earlier and had a good ride for about an hour.

Then Kent noticed that the slide by the door of the RV was starting to come out as we traveled along. It was coming out about 4 inches as we traveled down the road. He stopped and fixed it and then it happened again and again and again. Until Lunch at 12:30. Kent called the factory and the guy gave him some hints of what to do. He did that and we prayed that would fix it.

Along the way we had to take a different route than planned which added another 1 1/2 hour to our trip. We had a quick lunch. We then found ourselves in construction traffic and stopped two times for about 20 minutes… So by now we were getting pretty close making the 4 pm time, but thankfully we did and no more incidents of the slide coming out.

These kinds of things happen when we are traveling but rarely. I finally told Kent I felt the God must really want him to meet this pastor. It seemed that we were feeling a spiritual oppression. Sometimes though we are slowed down for other reasons too. We tried to be patient and seek God’s wisdom with all of these small delays.

But I can’t tell you though how glad I was to stop for the night. We are dry camping at the church where he met the pastor. Kent went to his meeting and I lay down for a little nap. Sigh!

We went through such interesting scenery today. I will “show” you some of it. I was snapping pictures through the windows so sometimes a bit blurry but I think you can see how pretty it was.

Interesting swirls on these mountains.

Mountains in the foreground.

This cactus is called Ocotillo. It looks like a stick at first and then gets the green leaves on it and then on the end comes a pretty orange flower.

This cactus is a Saguaro, pronounced (Sue-wa-row). they can get very large even to having about a ton of water in them at 9 feet tall. They usually get their arms after about 60-70 years old. So one like this is very old!

Saguaro cactus

This road was called Joshua Tree highway. There was a forest of these cacti along the road. Very interesting!

Joshua Tree highway

We did arrive with 10 minutes to spare and Kent had a good meeting with the pastor. To end our day we were able to see these mountains as the sun was setting. Beautiful! That is one of the ways God reminds us that He is in control of our lives. I needed that today, maybe you do too. Thank you Lord!

Desert sunset on the mountains

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

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