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Ministry in a town in southern Arizona

November 6, 2011

Kent and I drove over 250 miles from our home to a small town church in a southern Arizona. We went there for Kent to do 2 day workshop. This was to help this church to become strategic in their missions involvement.

Elfrida church Nov '11

Kent did a great job of presenting the material and asking good questions and then listening to the church people. This church had a diverse group of people in the types of jobs they do. We had a great time of fellowship with the pastor and his wife. They were from Michigan, near where our son lives with his family. It is a small world!

Kent teaching

Kent presenting DYI Nov '11

Most of the group

Kent in Eflrida, AZ Nov '11

We decided on the trip back to Phoenix to take the scenic route. There are some interesting towns in this part of Arizona. One of them is Tombstone. This town has a lot of silver mining history and keeps going actually from tourists coming to see the history here. Of course the history of the “Gunfight at the OK Corral” was here too and the is used to encourage tourism to the town. Check out the town’s web page at:

We also drove to see Bisbee. This is the site of a huge copper mine. According to the history it also produced gold and a little silver and iron ore as well. Here is a link to more history of the mine etc.

There is a modern Bisbee too although much smaller than the town was during the mining days. It now hosts many artists in the old historic buildings.

We stopped to take a picture of the mine. It was open pit mining.It is huge! It covers over 300 acres and is 900 feet deep.

Lavendar Cooper Mine in Bisbee, AZ

Info about the mine

Lavendar Mine

The sun shone on the hillside just across the road from the mine. It sure shows the minerals in this hillside. There is still much copper and other minerals here. Maybe someday it will again become an active mine.

Hillside showing cooper, iron ore etc in Bisbee, Az

We are now back in Phoenix and getting ready for the next trip on Wednesday.

Love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Planting flowers in November

November 3, 2011

We are back in Phoenix and settled in. The very day we arrived I headed to the college to see the plants. There were some plants that had made it through the summer but were looking a bit old. So I pulled them out and added some fertilized soil to help the new plants do even better. Then I started planting. I only got the long rectangular boxes filled for now. BUT the weather is so nice even a bit hot at 90 degrees, so I am dressed quite differently than last year.

Check it out how I was dressed last year

Jan '11 planting flowers at ACU

This year

Planting Nov '11

This afternoon I got these boxes done. And I must say after planting almost 300 plants in 3 days…I am tired.

Each box is pretty much planted the same way. So here is one of them with a closer look.

Here is an overview of all of them.

Boxes  Nov'11

Kent and I were gone for the weekend as Kent is speaking at a church south of Tucson. Then I have two days before we fly to Denver for another conference. So I am trying to get all of this planting done now. The college has an event for which they want the campus to look really good. That is why I pushed to get these planted now. So it is an experiment to plant this early. We will see how it goes.

I know that most of you around the country are thinking, “Planting flowers in November. What is she thinking?” But this is Phoenix, Arizona and they seldom even get freezing weather so we can.

I do hope you are having a good day today too, no matter what the weather is like where you are.

Jan for the Roaming Reimers