Christmas Musings

Merry Christmas 2011! I love the Christmas season. The whole month between Thanksgiving and Christmas is full of so many wonderful things. People everywhere are generally more happy too. I love saying Merry Christmas to people as they serve me or I serve them. I love the pretty lights, the Christmas programs, especially the children’s programs. I love watching the children as they look at the trees and dream.

We just came home from our church here in Arizona. We had the children’s Christmas program a few weeks ago. I even had a small part in it with several other adults. It was a very simple and direct program sharing what about Christ’s coming to earth. I loved it and it fit our church. We have a lot of needy people in our church. Many have been addicts, many have made bad decisions and their lives went awry. They have now gotten help and are doing better. It is these people that Jesus came to die for. It keeps us on “target” to remember being the light to our community. I pray that you also have opportunities to help those who need to know why Jesus came.

I will tell you about our Christmas in the next blog. Have a very Merry Christmas! Hang on for pictures.

May you also have a wonderful Christmas in whatever way you celebrate!

Love and Merry Christmas,

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

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