A little retreat to the desert

We are in Arizona in the winter time so we love going to the “desert” for a little break from routine. We were also meeting some new friends that we met a year ago that also have an RV like ours and a big white Volvo truck. We are sharing our life and God with these new friends.

Here are Kent, Dwain and a new friend in front of their trucks.

Kent and friends in front of the trucks

Dwain and Debbie had a really traumatic death of an adult son a few years back. They had shared that with us last year when we met. I thought that they could give me some help in knowing how to encourage my brother whose only son was killed this summer. They did. We had a great and restful time with them.

We also needed some time to “kick back” and relax. One day I sat in the the sun and read a book. It was great. Kent and I took a several hours long walk one sunny day too. The desert is basically west of us in Phoenix and so it is up to 10 degrees warmer than Phoenix. That makes it nicer when Phoenix is still in the 70’s. (I know there are people all over the country right now wishing they could have 70 degrees weather.) But the warmer temps are nice for a short visit too.

Here is a picture of our group and some others nearby. Our group are all heavy duty truck owners(Semis) pulling RVs of some sort. We were only about 12 of us. But sometimes other friends dropped by and that was fine. We had lots of time to sit and chat,sometimes in teh evneing by the fire and sometimes in the afternoon sunshine.

Heavy duty trucks in the desert

I also met a man while he was walking his dog. He was very interesting and afterwards Kent met he and his wife too. They are from a small town in Oregon that we had visited over 30 years ago. But we had wanted to reconnect with the people that we visited there. So this couple invited us to come and stay on their ranch as the people we were wanting to connect with go to their church. Small world! He also has a powered parachute. Several men were camping together and near us that had them and they would be flying on calm days at about 8 am. so we woke up several times to the motor sounds.

Powered parachute in Quartzsite '12

The sunsets were fabulous. I don’t know if it is because there are less buildings between us and the sunset or why they are so pretty, but they are. Here judge for yourself.

Desert sunset  Jan '12

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