A Busy Spring

I want to update you on our lives and ministry. I did go to Pennsylvania for two weeks to attend my brother Merle’s funeral the end of March. I was able to see so many of my family and to enjoy being with them. I also got to see many friends as well as supporters. It was a good trip even though it was sad to bury another of my brothers. I was able to get a picture of our family before I left.

Here we are from left to right are:Harvey, Leroy, Reuben, Steve, me and Ken.

My family Mar 2012

I got to hold my brother Mer;e’s youngest granddaughter Shaiya. she is about 1 year old. So cute! I think she looks very much like her mother.

Holding Christine's daughter Shaiya

I am back home about a month now and have been really busy. I continued doing the gardening work at the college where I volunteer. I work many hours but find it so enjoyable. The flowers have once again looked so pretty. I was a bit worried in the winter as they seemed to be struggling but in the end here they made a pleasant showing. I was also able to plant some bushes to help make the campus more beautiful.

Boxes of flowers at ACU '12

Round Flowers at ACU '12

Kent has been interviewing a lot of candidates for WorldVenture and we had dinner recently with a couple that lives here.

We also got to visit with a first cousin of mine that I have been trying to see for years. Both visits were such a blessing to us. We also have been saying goodbyes to our friends that we have here. We will be going north soon and have started preparing for that.

With all the losses in my life this past year and I want to remind you to treasure your loved ones and savor the time you have with them. I do.

In Christ’s love,

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

One Response to “A Busy Spring”

  1. Phyllis Says:

    Hi Jan, got back from Michigan late last night. See you when you get back…enjoy your trip … God Bless….Keep Safe.


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