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Traveling and remembering our veterans

May 28, 2012

We have been moving again. We spent last weekend in Nampa, Idaho at Mission Aviation Fellowship’s Headquarters. That is where we spent the summer in 2010. So we have several friends and Kent has some first cousins that live there. We were able to get together with all that were available.

It was a busy weekend also for Kent as he was getting new tires put on the truck and car and then had to have a CV joint, put in the car. BUT…The CV joint was under the car’s initial warranty and so we were grateful for that.  For those that don’t know that has something to do with an axle. 

So we are grateful to be safer on the road as we pulled out on Wednesday morning and drove to Pendleton, Oregon. Yes, that is the town where they make the Pendleton woolens.

Kent had a lot of office work to get caught up on, so we parked early and he got a lot done.  Kent has had lots of interviews with several couples that re interested in going with WorldVenture. He has been processing their paperwork to get them in the application stage. So he has spent a lot of time on the phone and also then documenting the conversations. That has been a lot of paperwork but we are sooo glad to have new people interested in serving God overseas.

Friday we pulled into SAMBICA camp in Bellevue, WA. We are glad to be here. I went right to work on Saturday afternoon as it was sunny. Sunday we re-connected with the Asian church where we attended lots last summer.

I did want to take the opportunity of Memorial Day celebration to THANK the veterans out there. I am sooo grateful for the freedoms we have in this country. I am so grateful for all those that have served our country and for those that gave their lives. After living overseas I can even more appreciate the sacrifice of our military personnel.

I now have 4 male family members, two brothers and two nephews all buried in the same military cemetery in Pennsylvania. It is very hard to say goodbye to these family members and my nephews were way to young to die. They served our country well but none of them died in the line of duty.

Here is pictures of that cemetery:My brother Ralph’s is first


My nephew Christopher who was killed in an auto accident not even a year ago.


An overview of the cemetery, all of these are new graves since last July.


Please THANK a VETERAN for their service…not only today but any day you see them. Just take a moment to thank them. That is what I do… May you treasure your freedoms in America! And pray for our country to honor not only our veterans but God as well.

May God bless you!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Today is our 37th Wedding anniversary

May 16, 2012

We are “on the road” moving from place to place but we will try to find a place to go out to dinner tonight. We are so blessed to have had 37 years together. We have lived and ministered in some many places around the country and the world. What a life! When I think of our wedding day…It was a Friday evening and took place in Pennsylvania in my church. We had all the formal pictures taken ahead of time in a garden. Here is one of them.


We lived in Tennessee while Kent got his schooling at Moody Aviation. Here we are at his graduation in 1978.


When the children were young and we lived in Brazil this was taken.

ImageThis was taken in 1996 when we had been married 21 years.

ImageThis was taken while we were recruiting in 2000

Image This was taken in 2005


This was taken a few months before Kara and Nick were married in Aug 2006


Here is a recent one taken by our son-in-law Nick


I do hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane….We pray that we will have many more years to be happily married and to serve God together. We have been so blessed!


 Jan for the Roaming Reimers

It sounded like a shotgun going off right behind us..

May 16, 2012

Kent and I looked at each other and then Kent looked out the rear mirrors and knew it was a truck tire that blew.  We stopped to look at the damage. As I got out I wondered just how bad the damage might be and if someone was beside us when the tire blew…..


We were so glad to see no other vehicle was beside us and so no one else got hurt and it appeared that there wasn’t as much damage as it could have been. We couldn’t tell if the RV had any looked ok  but the truck had a lot of damage to the fender and step nearby. It would have so much more worse If that fender had not been encased in that metal.

Since we were traveling on a two lane highway we had pulled off to the side. But the speed limit on this road was 70 miles an hour. So we went right into the mode of what should we do so we can go further down the road to get to s safe place to see what could be done. I didn’t think to take pictures at first but when Kent saw me get the camera out he encouraged me.

While Kent figured out if we could go down the road..I stayed behind the car waving the traffic by. I didn’t realize when I put on my bright pink shirt that I would stand out from the grey color of the scenery and that was a blessing too.This was about 5 miles from Lund, Nevada population about 300. The closest town for any kind of help with this problem was 37 miles away. And a big town was Las Vegas which was several hours away about 150 miles south.  So we were really out in the boonies. The road was fairly well traveled though as trucks use it to bring products to these small towns too and going from Las Vegas to Twin Falls, Idaho.  So you can see we were wondering how we’d get that tire fixed till we cold get to a big town…

Since we had been sitting alongside a well traveled road and we had to take the damaged fender off to drive, we did take it off before I got pictures. This is what it looked like after we took the damaged fender off.  The tire on the outside is definitely blown…Without the metal on the fender I think we would have had a lot more damage.

The damaged fender on the ground.Image

So it will have to straightened and then repaired etc.

Here is Kent and the mobile repair guy who came with a new tire for us.


New tire on

So we have a new tire and the rest of the damage isn’t so bad that we can’t drive it and no real damage to our RV.

We are safe and so grateful for God’s protection!!!! If you ever pray for us THANKS!  God answered your prayers for our protection.


Jan from the Roaming Reimers

Mother’s Day with relatives…

May 15, 2012

We have left Phoenix and moved down the road to Las Vegas, Nevada. We are here to visit some wonderful relatives of Kent’s, Uncle Mel and Chris and a first cousin and family.  They all moved here recently and we want to see them as we are passing through.  We spent the day and night with our relatives. It was great to get caught up with all of their lives, see their new house and hear about their lives and family.

This uncle has been a special great uncle to our kids too. He was a tennis pro and took the time at family reunions over the years to give our kids lessons in tennis. He and Chris are loved by all of our family too. Kent and I always get into spiritual discussions when with them as well. So it is fun in several ways.

For Mother’s Day  since we went to church with them on Saturday night we all had a leisurely breakfast and at 1:30pm we met the rest of the family at a restaurant including Chris’s son and wife and two little girls.  We all had brunch together and then went outside and took some family pictures. 

Chris and Mel

Mel and Chris Mothers' Day '12 in LV


First cousin Karen with husband and their adult son

Zach,Karen Tim in LV Mother's Day '12

Here Chris is with her grand daughters

Chris and her ganddaughters Mother'sDay '12

Kent and I also got our picture taken…

kent and me Mother's Day '12

We had a very nice and fun time. To short but good.  God has blessed us with many fun family!

I do pray that God blessed you on Mother’s Day too.


Love Jan for the Roaming Reimers


I am feeling a bit nostalgic today

May 8, 2012

Nostalgic and a bit sad…today is my mom’s 91st birthday. She passed away last June so she is not worried about it any more. BUT I still miss her and especially on days like this! I miss not being able to call her and just chat and find out how she is doing. She also used to tell me how the rest of my family living near her were also. With her birthday so close to Mother’s Day i would always be thinking of her a lot around this time of year.

Here is a treasured picture of my mom, my sister Esther and her daughters Lori and Dawn and me. This was taken in 1988 when Kent and I had just come home from Brazil.  Esther passed away in 2000 and now my mom. So you can see how very special this picture is to me.

When I was last in PA in March this year, I went by the house that my mom lived in as young girl with her parents and siblings. Someone bought it years ago and fixed it up but did not change much on the outside. I love driving by as it looks so neat and cared for. I have good memories of visiting my grandparents there.

I also stopped by and saw the church where my mom asked Jesus to be her savoir. It is a little country church. My mom and her siblings walked to it as it was a short walk from their house. I am so glad that this church was a testimony in the neighborhood.

Church where my mom got saved in PA

I also stopped by and saw my mom’s and dad’s grave. My sister is also buried here. It is the grave yard of the little country church.

My mom's grave

It has a beautiful view.

Good's Mennonite church graveyard

This cemetery is home to a lot of my relatives as well.  My sister Esther is buried nearby.

Esther's grave

Here is the grave of  my mom’s parents.

Pappy and Nana Olweiler's grave

I miss them all but I am looking forward to the day in heaven when I will see them all again. I like this picture of my mom and I at our daughter Kara’s wedding in 2006.

Me & Mom at Kara's wedding

I am so grateful that Mom was able to come to these special moments in our lives. We need to be so grateful we had her for so long. Now in heaven God is laughing at some of her stories and of course our dad, sister and 3 brothers all get to enjoy her again.

Enjoy your moms….with Mother’s Day coming up I will remind you to do something special for your mom. You never know how long you have with them. I had sent my mom a huge box of goodies like you can order last year. I am sooo glad that I did!

Love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Ministry trip to Portland

May 8, 2012

Kent and I flew to Portland, Oregon for a few days last week. Kent had a pastor’s conference to go to and to help with presentations. I went along to visit his sister and brother-in-law now living in Vancouver, Washington (just north of Portland). I went because we had a free flight due to soaking of our luggage last spring. The flight had to be used before May 1st.

So Kent took off for the pastor’s conference and LeAnn, his sister and I had fun. We worked out, we went to a Bible Study. I got to meet lots of her new friends. We went to a thrift store and to the IKEA store. And we just hung out and enjoyed one another. I saw Ken, her husband in the evenings as they get up around 3:30 am any work day. I couldn’t quite make it up that early but I tried getting some things done after they went to bed at 8-8:30pm.

Kent came back from the conference on Friday and Ken had taken off on Saturday so we all had fun doing fun things together on Saturday. We ran around Vancouver, Washington most of the day. We even got to see the old Fort Vancouver as it was free that day. At the end of the day we went back to their apartment and went to the hot tub and sauna on the premises. Nice! Ken had grown a bit more beard since we last saw him.

Ken and LeAnn April 2012

We got back to Phoenix in time to say our  goodbyes. We had gone to lunch with several other “volunteer” friends and then had some time to sit around and visit. We even had time for shuffleboard. It was my first time to play it too.

Our small group Bible Study from our church went out to eat to end the year and they were kind enough to do it when we could still be here. Goodbyes to this group are hard as we have been a part of it now for 4 years. People come an go and it is changing a little bit each year but we are grateful for these dear friends.

Small group  April 2012

God does give us new friends wherever we go and we do thank Him for these good people.  We do pray that wherever you find your self that you too have a good group of friends to surround you, that care about you and pray for you.

Love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers