Mother’s Day with relatives…

We have left Phoenix and moved down the road to Las Vegas, Nevada. We are here to visit some wonderful relatives of Kent’s, Uncle Mel and Chris and a first cousin and family.  They all moved here recently and we want to see them as we are passing through.  We spent the day and night with our relatives. It was great to get caught up with all of their lives, see their new house and hear about their lives and family.

This uncle has been a special great uncle to our kids too. He was a tennis pro and took the time at family reunions over the years to give our kids lessons in tennis. He and Chris are loved by all of our family too. Kent and I always get into spiritual discussions when with them as well. So it is fun in several ways.

For Mother’s Day  since we went to church with them on Saturday night we all had a leisurely breakfast and at 1:30pm we met the rest of the family at a restaurant including Chris’s son and wife and two little girls.  We all had brunch together and then went outside and took some family pictures. 

Chris and Mel

Mel and Chris Mothers' Day '12 in LV


First cousin Karen with husband and their adult son

Zach,Karen Tim in LV Mother's Day '12

Here Chris is with her grand daughters

Chris and her ganddaughters Mother'sDay '12

Kent and I also got our picture taken…

kent and me Mother's Day '12

We had a very nice and fun time. To short but good.  God has blessed us with many fun family!

I do pray that God blessed you on Mother’s Day too.


Love Jan for the Roaming Reimers


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