It sounded like a shotgun going off right behind us..

Kent and I looked at each other and then Kent looked out the rear mirrors and knew it was a truck tire that blew.  We stopped to look at the damage. As I got out I wondered just how bad the damage might be and if someone was beside us when the tire blew…..


We were so glad to see no other vehicle was beside us and so no one else got hurt and it appeared that there wasn’t as much damage as it could have been. We couldn’t tell if the RV had any looked ok  but the truck had a lot of damage to the fender and step nearby. It would have so much more worse If that fender had not been encased in that metal.

Since we were traveling on a two lane highway we had pulled off to the side. But the speed limit on this road was 70 miles an hour. So we went right into the mode of what should we do so we can go further down the road to get to s safe place to see what could be done. I didn’t think to take pictures at first but when Kent saw me get the camera out he encouraged me.

While Kent figured out if we could go down the road..I stayed behind the car waving the traffic by. I didn’t realize when I put on my bright pink shirt that I would stand out from the grey color of the scenery and that was a blessing too.This was about 5 miles from Lund, Nevada population about 300. The closest town for any kind of help with this problem was 37 miles away. And a big town was Las Vegas which was several hours away about 150 miles south.  So we were really out in the boonies. The road was fairly well traveled though as trucks use it to bring products to these small towns too and going from Las Vegas to Twin Falls, Idaho.  So you can see we were wondering how we’d get that tire fixed till we cold get to a big town…

Since we had been sitting alongside a well traveled road and we had to take the damaged fender off to drive, we did take it off before I got pictures. This is what it looked like after we took the damaged fender off.  The tire on the outside is definitely blown…Without the metal on the fender I think we would have had a lot more damage.

The damaged fender on the ground.Image

So it will have to straightened and then repaired etc.

Here is Kent and the mobile repair guy who came with a new tire for us.


New tire on

So we have a new tire and the rest of the damage isn’t so bad that we can’t drive it and no real damage to our RV.

We are safe and so grateful for God’s protection!!!! If you ever pray for us THANKS!  God answered your prayers for our protection.


Jan from the Roaming Reimers

3 Responses to “It sounded like a shotgun going off right behind us..”

  1. Mike Beldon Says:

    That’s like a small bomb going off, glad all is well. Safe travels.


  2. Richard & Rachel Says:

    Thanks for sharing your photos of “God’s Miracle” with us as that metal really was God’s way of protecting you from more damage not only to your rig, but to yourselves. THANK YOU LORD FOR PROTECTING KENT & JAN and PLEASE KEEP IT UP!!
    Blessings from Dick & Rachel


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