Today is our 37th Wedding anniversary

We are “on the road” moving from place to place but we will try to find a place to go out to dinner tonight. We are so blessed to have had 37 years together. We have lived and ministered in some many places around the country and the world. What a life! When I think of our wedding day…It was a Friday evening and took place in Pennsylvania in my church. We had all the formal pictures taken ahead of time in a garden. Here is one of them.


We lived in Tennessee while Kent got his schooling at Moody Aviation. Here we are at his graduation in 1978.


When the children were young and we lived in Brazil this was taken.

ImageThis was taken in 1996 when we had been married 21 years.

ImageThis was taken while we were recruiting in 2000

Image This was taken in 2005


This was taken a few months before Kara and Nick were married in Aug 2006


Here is a recent one taken by our son-in-law Nick


I do hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane….We pray that we will have many more years to be happily married and to serve God together. We have been so blessed!


 Jan for the Roaming Reimers


5 Responses to “Today is our 37th Wedding anniversary”

  1. Mike Beldon Says:

    Happy Anniversary


  2. Katie (Scofield) Fisher Says:

    Happy Anniversary to you both! I’m so glad to have had you in my life for many years while in KC! You both have blessed me so much! Love you guys!


  3. Roger Says:

    Happy anniversary Kent and Jan! We’re looking forward to seeing you on your annual migration back to the Seattle area 🙂
    Next month Gail and I will celebrate our 38th. It’s sweeter every year.


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