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Today is our Son’s birthday!

June 7, 2012

When June 7th comes around I can not help but remember the day I was privileged to give birth to our son. Yes, it did hurt giving birth BUT after longing for a child for many years, it was a privilege to have a baby. Since he was two months early and had some health problems he remained in the hospital for an entire month. We had to gown up and scrub before being able to hold him, but it was worth it to keep him healthy.

He was a happy baby. I think this is the first smile I caught on camera.

Josh from the very beginning was such a joy in our family. He was an easy baby to have and to care for.

He grew into a great young boy  and loved helping daddy from the very start in our missionary work and around the house  in Alaska

And as we moved to Brazil and lived there too.

In 1988, while living in Washington state Josh had a fun time crushing carrots in Grandpa Reimer’s juicer.

He grew into a wonderful and mature young man so quickly.

He graduated from high school and went off to college and before I knew it he brought home a wonderful young lady named Teresa.

They were married in September 2004. And by the next September had added a little boy, Silas into our family.

Here Josh and Silas are both dressed up for our daughter, Kara’s wedding. They sure look handsome. Wow!

We treasure every time we get to see any of our family as we are not close in geography but in heart.Three generations in 2005.

They do get to visit us from time to time. This was taken when they came to see us in Phoenix, Arizona Feb 2011. Silas had lots of fun and so did all of us!!!

Here is a family picture taken last summer.

Family pic 2011

Josh graduated from Eastern Michigan University in December 2011 with a Business Finance degree. It was a long journey as he was working full time and taking courses as their lives and schedule permitted, but being a responsible man is worth doing it right. Josh was supporting the family as Teresa also was studying.  Josh likes to do all kinds of things. When we last visited at their house..He was showing us how to enjoy the Wii. That was fun! Josh is about to run a half marathon in two weeks. This just shows the different aspects of his life.

Josh, you have made us soooo proud of you. We are so blessed to have you in our family!  You are a blessing not only to us but to many people.  Thanks for being such a wonderful son! We want to wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Wish we could be together….

Love to you Mom,( & Dad)

From Jan for the Roaming Reimers