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Silas at SAMBICA

July 29, 2012

Silas got to come all across the country to come to camp at SAMBICA where we are currently parked and where I (Jan) am working this summer. It is in Bellevue, Washington near Seattle. We were sooo excited about having him here and of course his parents too.

We did get to take some pictures while he was here although he was having so much fun it was hard to slow him down enough to get the pictures.

The climbing tree

Playing on the inflatable obstacle course

Playing a favorite game with all the campers called Ga Ga. The idea was to hit the tennis ball against the wall and then try to hit another person. Then that person is out.

We were watching as Silas won the game for the first time even with much older kids. Fun!


On Thursday night there is a carnival event. Silas had fun at every booth and also got a ballon hat.

Silas also had fun on the climbing wall.

He also loved the jumping house.

Here is his counselor. Great Guy…his camp name is Like it..

In the evening Silas came home and slept at our house but he was so exhausted that most nights he was in bed and asleep before 8 PM. Here he is sitting with grandpa.

And of course his parents Josh our son and Teresa his wife also got to be here for a visit. It was short but so much fun and we treasure every minute.

We are always grateful for all the time we have to see our family and to see Silas as he is growing up way too fast!

Love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers