Our daughter and son-in-law’s visit

A few weeks ago our daughter Kara came to Seattle to see us and her grandparents, that is Kent’s parents who live about 2 hours north of us. She had a few days just visiting and helping Kent’s parents with their garden and just hanging out with them. Then she came to see us for a few days as well. This was a pre-visit before their annual vacation.

Nick flew in on Friday night and we all took off Saturday morning again to spend some time with the grandparents. We sat around visiting and since is was a rare hot day in Bellingham we set up table outside and ate there.


After the meal Kara had Amanda her youngest cousin on this side of the family cut her hair. Amanda is a trained hairdresser and had fun doing it for Kara.


Sunday morning we drove across the border to get to Victoria, British Columbia. Canada. It is on a separate island called Vancouver Island.  So we had a take a ferry with our car. I love going on ferries. This ride was a bit longer too than some we have had for awhile. It was so pretty that I went to the top deck and let the wind blow me. I love that feeling. A bit like riding a motorcycle.


We got to Victoria in good time to check in at our B & B. Kara had booked it through the internet and it turned out to be a young man’s efficiency apartment. We all could sleep there. About half price of what a hotel would have been and we had a kitchen too.  So Kara and I changed our clothes because she was taking me to “High Tea” at the Empress Hotel.

Very special!!! It was delicious and fun to do with my daughter. Definitely not something the guys would have enjoyed.

We met up with them 2 hours later and found that Victoria was having “Symphony Splash”, which was an outdoor concert. They had a symphony on a floating platform just off the dock and they were playing great music. We stayed for quite awhile but then got cold as we had not thought about staying out that late and had not brought coats along. So we to went back to our room and Kara and Nick grabbed some coats and went back to see the fireworks.


Monday morning we had a nice leisurely breakfast and said goodbye to Kara and Nick until they returned to Seattle on the following Friday night. Then Kent and I started out for the ferry back to the mainland. We just missed that ferry. We were in line in plenty of time but it got filled up and we missed it. That is part of the life where you  take ferries. You have to be ready to wait and also to miss them occasionally. So we had until 3 pm before the next one went. So Kent and I were just starting to explore the docks shops and looked up and there were Kara and Nick!  Hah. We all had lunch together before we took off to catch the ferry at 3 pm.  It was wonderful to hang out with our daughter and son-in-law for a few days.


We went to a town called Sequim in Washington on the Olympic Peninsula. We had friends there that we met years ago in Alaska. We hadn’t seen them in 25 years. So we had a nice ferry ride and then drove to Dave and Donna’s house arriving around 5:30pm. We had something to eat at a Mexican restaurant in town.


After dinner Donna and Dave gave us a tour around to show us the town and some wonderful scenery. Then we sat and visited at their house until we all were sleepy. We had a wonderful breakfast with their fresh eggs. Yes, right from under the chickens, also fresh raspberries. It was wonderful and very delicious! We then drove back to Bellevue on a long and scenic drive. Very nice.

This was Dave and Donna’s view while they lived on this spit. Beautiful!Image

It was nice to get away for the weekend and have a great time with our daughter and her husband and to see some old friends. It is wonderful to keep in touch with people we have known for more than 30 years. Wow!

Love Jan from the Roaming Reimers

2 Responses to “Our daughter and son-in-law’s visit”

  1. Phyllis Brown Says:

    Wow…such a blessing for all of you.


  2. Rachel & Richard Says:

    So glad to see your beautiful pictures and know you were able to be with family and friends from long ago. What fun you must have had!


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