I climbed the “Climbing Tree”

We are still on SAMBICA grounds, a Christian Camp in Bellevue, WA. so the campers are always doing fun things around camp. One of those things is two climbing trees.

In our backyard every weekday there are kids of all ages climbing two trees that are there specifically to climb as they have the proper anchors and rope for that purpose. We have personnel trained specifically for this job all summer and they are very safe. The camp has all the safety equipment harnesses and everything to make it very safe.

For weeks now I have been wanting to climb one of the trees. All summer I have seen hundreds of kids climbing these trees. The trees are over 60 feet tall but you can only climb to about 45 feet. I would walk by and say hi to the kids and counselors but never stop to see if there ever was a time that I could go…So this week one of the ropes course personnel told me to come whenever they didn’t have kids and I could climb…so last week I did.

They put all the gear on me and helped to encourage me. The campers also were cheering for me to keep going.

I wanted to go all the way to the top, but I wasn’t sure I was courageous enough…I have always had a fear of heights..so here was a test. It was a 45 foot climb. We have a cell tower in our side yard and the tower is about as high as I climbed. When I saw that I was a bit scared…but the ropes course personnel that helped me were so good.

You can see a bit of how high it is here. Look closely as I am a bit hard to see here. Kent got  a picture back far enough for you to see the height. Wow!

Once I got to the top..I had a moment fearing that I could not repel down. I was feeling the fear! But the guy that helped me said to me,” Just trust me and lean back”  and then I  “repelled” down the back side of the tree.

Wow! I was glad to be back on the ground but..glad that I had done it. I loved it.!!! I hope you enjoy my adventures. More adventures to come. Having fun at camp!

Love Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Kent took the pictures of me having fun. but he is working very hard at the WorldVenture office work. Once in awhile we do something fun like this.

6 Responses to “I climbed the “Climbing Tree””

  1. N. Moseley Says:

    Nice job. Now you know why I like to climb trees 😉


  2. kjmoseley Says:

    wow, way to go mom!!!


  3. nancywehr@verizon.net Says:

    Wow Jan!!!  Th


  4. Phyllis Brown Says:

    That was great…I would love to do that as well…don’t know if I could now at almost 71….now is the time to do all that your heart can handle…


  5. Millie Hilsher Says:

    Looks like you had fun. I would not have been so brave!  



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