Friends from Arizona come for a visit Part 1

A few weeks ago some good friends came to Seattle for a visit. Wayne and Darlene are from our church in Phoenix as well as our small group. They had never been to Seattle and Phoenix was hot this time of year. So we encouraged them to come for a visit and it worked out.

We were so excited to have Wayne and Darlene come. Kent went to a lot work to think through things that they might like to see. So he had a full 5 days planned out. Their first day they went to see the Space Needle while Kent and I finished up some jobs. On Thursday evening they came and saw where we are living at SAMBICA and Wayne took pictures. And we had a wonderful delicious salmon dinner that Kent prepared on our own grill.



We found some fresh blackberries too. Darlene and I had fun picking them. Yum!







On Friday we went to the Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle.





Darlene was fascinated with all the seafood.

Lots of FRESH seafood for sale.

And some unusual meats!!! Yikes!

There were big bouquets of flowers. Most of them were the dahlias that are in bloom now. But this is an mixture of flowers.

There were also some street musicians playing there.

Interesting Drum!

It is a fun and interesting place. I love going to the market. We bought some peaches and the shop keeper washed them for us. So we ate them right then…We even got to see the fish go flying. When a person buys fish at this one market stand they throw it up to get packaged. It is fun to stand around and watch it happen.

Next we went to the Ballard Locks



We got to see the salmon swimming in the fish ladder.

We also go to see boats going through the locks. Wayne and Kent really liked that.





That was day one. I will continue this trip tomorrow.

Love Jan for the Roaming Reimers

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