Friends from Arizona- Part 2

Saturday we all went to Whidbey Island in search of an aunt of Darlene’s.

Darlene had not gotten to see this aunt for almost 50 years. Her aunt was such a fun person to visit with. We all enjoyed the visit. Her son came by too and he told us of a place that we should go see. So after the visit we took off for Deception Pass and a little harbor right before it.

We stopped to check out the harbor and the men were looking at the boats. When Darlene and I got to talking to some people there sitting near the dock. They had some crabs they had just caught and were getting ready to cook them.

So…we stayed and watched and took some pictures and asked a lot of questions about how they caught them and cooked them etc…

As we walked away they called us back and offered us some. YES!!! So they were so generous and gave us 5 halves. WOW! They cleaned them for us and we had a bag to put them in.

We drove on the Deception Pass and got out and ate those hot fresh crabs.

YUM! We then did see Deception Pass. It was a bit cloudy and so it wasn’t as pretty as other times we had been there. But it was still very fun.

On Sunday we went to Snoqualmie Falls.

It is a pretty falls but there is some construction being done on it now. Afterwards we went into the town of Snoqualmie. That was fun as they were having a festival. They had lots of old cars.

Purple car and Purple on Darlene? Looking good!

They guys really liked that. And Darlene and I found some stuff to look at as well.

On Monday we went whale watching. It was to be a long 12 hour day and we had to be there early.


There was a small cafe on the boat and Darlene especially appreciated Ivar’s clam chowder. Ivar’s is known for their chowder and is a small chain restaurant here in the Northwest. So she was enjoying that.

The boat went first to Friday Harbor (that is a small town). A lot of people got off there but those of us who were going whale watching stayed on.

We then went out to where whales had been sighted. Wow, we were thrilled.
We got to see about 15 different whales all around the boats.

There were a lot of boats there watching them. But they were not frightened off and so stayed close by and kept swimming around us. Wayne got some really good pictures. Even the naturalist on board came by to see his pictures to identify the whales. Wow!

We also saw several sea planes while in the harbor. There are a lot of them in this part of the country.

After seeing the whales we had about two hours in Friday Harbor before coming back to the dock in Seattle. We also saw several sea planes.

That was another full and good day. Seattle skyline.

It was a good and full five days. We were so glad that we had some really nice cool and mostly sunny weather for them. Almost no rain. Yeah! It was fun having them here in Seattle and we look forward to seeing them again in Phoenix a few months from now.

Love, Jan from the Roaming Reimers

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