Lots of Memories

Kent and I and his sister LeAnn and husband Ken had a interesting weekend. Ken and LeAnn drove to our place and then we all drove together to Bellingham where Kent’s parents live. We were going to help clear out the trailer that Kent and LeAnn’s maternal grandmother Lueta had lived in for about 20 years. Her mother had also lived there with her. Grandma Lutie as she was affectionally called passed away in 1985. She was 93 year old. the trailer has been used occasionally for guests but for many years it has just sat. A few years back a leak was discovered in a pipe and so the water was turned off BUTage and the weather have taken their toll. Kent a few weeks ago got on top to sweep off debris and found a huge hole in the roof. So in checking it they found most of what was inside all but ruined.

So this weekend was to be one of clearing this trailer out and trying to dismantle all of the building that we could. It was a pretty daunting task.

We knew it might be hard on Kent’s mom as these were her mother’s things. So LeAnn was so good to help mom Reimer go through papers and other things that might be special. Kent, I and Ken all emptied out the place and then the guys started to dismantle it. they took out the kitchen sink, appliances and toilet etc. They tore out the cabinets. There was a lot of mold and so we all wore masks and old clothes and gloves.

Here is the rest of the gang. I am taking the picture.

Some of the stuff to go through

We did get one load taken to the dump, two huge piles await burning when it is permitted and a lot of stuff was put into the barn for going through later. There was a heavy dew on the grass and so we didn’t leave anything on the lawn for another day.

No, it isn’t done but much was gotten done. We are so grateful for Ken and LeAnn’s help and strength and patience.

This was a good job to have a lot of it done and hopefully we can help some more.

Love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers

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