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It’s my birthday

October 31, 2012

It’s my birthday…No, now don’t ask what year it is! But I will tell you, that I am still a few years away from the next decade! Hah!

We are still in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. We needed to do some things here in town. I wanted to be in town for my birthday as well.

We started out early celebrating last night with a steak diner at a local steakhouse. Kent said I looked like pumpkin in this new orange top. Hah!

It is also known for deep fried Lobster. I can’t eat much shellfish any more so I choose steak. Actually Kent and I shared a small 8oz tenderloin and we each got a salad and potato. t was plenty. We then went to a Car show held in town. It was full of all kinds of cars but had lots of 50’s and older cars. Most of them were beautifully restored. We walked around that for over an hour just admiring the cars.

Today we did some work at home and then went to Denny’s Grand Slam. Now that is free for your birthday. Then we went bowling.

Yes, I love to bowl and don’t get to go very often.

We only did one game but you can see who beat? I am out of shape for this. Hah!

We then hit the local library and read up on the latest of our favorite magazines. When a friend from Kansas City called to wish me a Happy birthday we stepped outside and then decided to move on. We went into the Safeway grocery store and decided to buy a take and bake pizza.

We wanted to use the RV park’s pool and hot tub tonight so we did that. Kent grilled our pizza, as he does a great job of that. BUT I wanted a special dessert that is one of my favorites. Crème Brulee’ is a custard with caramelized sugar on top of it. We were able to locate a local restaurant that served it and took it home. It was delicious! This is the restaurant where we got it.

I also heard from our daughter and son. It is always so good to talk to them. I was very glad also to hear from my youngest brother. That was so thoughtful of him. Also many friends gave me a Happy Birthday on facebook. Thanks to all!

Kent told me to go and look at the sunset…so here it is for you. Enjoy!

I am reading a really interesting book about a missionary family so I ended the day with that book. Called “Under His Wings” by A C Lawless. It is about a family that served as missionaries in China during World War II. I can only somewhat understand the many challenges they faced. It was a very hard life for them. It has been an inspiring and challenging story.

So that was my birthday. I pray that you have a great day on your special day!


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Still more travels

October 27, 2012

We didn’t have to travel as long today so we left around 9:30 am. When we “boondock” (that is park without hookups,) it doesn’t take very long to get ready in the morning. This morning was in the high 4o’s so we took the time to make a hot oatmeal breakfast. Then off we went down the road.

Scenery as we took off

Down the road a bit

We saw a variety of different landscapes but mostly desert. We went over a small mountain pass at 3,000 feet. YOu can see it here in the distance

Then ended up down in a valley near sea level again.

We even saw a whole valley of Cholla Cacti (pronounced Cho ya). They were in bloom and so we fun to see again. They are the lighter yellowish bloom you can somewhat see.

As we came down the mountain…we saw the Colorado River . Yeah! After all of that desert it was wonderful to see a bit of green and the water again.

When we crossed the river we were officially in Arizona again. Here is the sign welcoming us.

We are parked tonight in a RV park in Arizona.

My flowers that were languishing in the turnl of my car seemed happy to see the sun.

Also some late tomatoes from Kent’s parents that I am trying to get ripe enjpoyed the sun.

We wanted to wash clothes and do some cleaning. We also wanted to go to a church in town. Kent is coaching a young man that attends a church in town and Kent thought it would be good to see the church and pastor tomorrow. So we are here for a few days.

So long for now,

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Traveling On

October 26, 2012

I will tell you about our last two days. We have been traveling through mile after mile of farming community. Lots of nut trees such as almonds, pistachios and I think pecans too. We also saw miles and miles of vineyards. I am sure that some are for the famous California Raisins but much would also go for wine. We traveled for about 6 hours all through farmland.

These pictures are often taken while Kent drives and I am in the passenger seat…so please forgive if they are a bit fuzzy now and then…OK?

Yesterday we stopped at another truck stop in central California. We were off the road by about 3:30 pm and settled in and got a lot of stuff done last night. Since we are not plugging into electricity but using our solar panels to give us power it is a bit hard to get a full charge on phones and computer. So I am trying to get a full charge at this moment while we have lots of sun. We had traveled several days in the cloudy and rainy and snowy weather so it is just the last two days that it has been sunny enough. When we need the power to run a fan for our heater…well that comes first of course.

We do look for places where there are lights nearby on purpose. So here is what it looked like when we stopped in the afternoon.

Kent came down with a cold and wasn’t feeling very well last night. I gave him all kinds of medicine and vitamins to help him. He still has the runny nose and was feeling kind of blah this morning but he felt like we could continue. I told him no medications while driving. I wanted him to be very alert today and he was!

Today we again traveled through lots of farming communities for several hours.

We saw apple trees and more vineyards as well as orange groves and many fields of cotton like this.

I wish we could stop long enough to look around and check out the farms…but not this time. We are going by so fast sometimes we just have to try to discern as we go down the road. We also saw some freshly planted crops that looked like the broccoli and cauliflower we all eat in the winter.

Also something VERY IMPORTANT in these communities is the water supply. It is a bit hard to see on this picture but if you look on the left at the bluish line, that is the water… an aqueduct bringing precious water to California. Without these waterways there would be little or no food produced here! The aqueducts and canals criss cross this whole area.

Today we turned east and tonight are again at a trucking stop. It has a gravel parking lot behind a smallish fuel stop. We are certain by late evening it will be filled with truckers. We are close to the highway but it isn’t that noisy and we don’t mind. Again it is a free spot to stay in.

Here is my view from the dining room window.

It is so enjoyable seeing these sights. I love when in an hour the scenery changes dramatically. This was this morning, gently rolling hills going by in between the farmland.

But then we turned east, we had to climb a small mountain. I think we went up to 4,500 feet from about 100 feet. So things changed drastically. There were smallish evergreen trees on the mountain and cooler air.

We are now at 2,500 feet and have desert landscape around us. The temperature is in the mid 60s and in the sun is very comfortable.

It is amazing that a few days ago,  we were worried about snow!!! BUT this is why we live in a “house with wheels”. So we can find the sun and enjoy it. Maybe this helps a bit for  you to see why we do this kind of living.

Kent is “in the office” already and doing all the things he needs to do after traveling  a few hours today. He has been making calls to pastors and candidates even in the evening after we have traveled or in the morning before. He usually spends a few hours a day for the mission even as we move along the road.

Someone asked me why I never say exactly where we are…that is for safety’s sake. Since this blog is for anyone to see I purposely try to be a bit vague.

Check in tomorrow to see where we are then. The adventures and  pretty scenery continue! We do praise God for safety on the road too.

May God bless you!

Jan and Kent for the Roaming Reimers

On the Road again

October 24, 2012

Kent and I love that country song that starts out that way. We like it especially when we are on the road again. We do like the time of moving from place to place.  New places to see, new people to meet and new adventures around the corner.

To give you some perspective of our situation, let me tell you about the weather. I think I had told you that most of the last few days we have traveled in the rain. And we stopped early last night because the rain had turned to sleet and it was beginning to get dark. So we were very glad to get off the road and park for the night. I was driving our little car behind Kent these past days.  We had a very good nights  sleep even with trucks coming and going all night and the temperatures had gotten down to 32 degrees overnight but we were very snug and warm in our RV house with our heater going.

We got up and had several layers of clothing on including a thermal shirt and a scarf for me and gloves for us both. We finally had fall weather and got out the heavier coats too. We set off about 10 am as Kent had a meeting this morning and wanted to check emails before taking off.

We had to change our plans for going into Nevada as the mountains had gotten snow on the passes and several were closed. And yes we do carry heavy truck chains, BUT we do not want to have to use them. And driving in any amount of snow is very scary for us. Our rig (truck, RV and car) is over 20,000 lbs and 73 feet long. We do not want to be towing all of that anywhere in the snow. So Kent had to look for alternative routes. We ended up going into California and staying as the weather is not a problem. So we have had the temperatures rising as we drove down the road today. Right now outside it is 63 degrees and very comfortable and we are only in N. California. We are so grateful for safety and wisdom and God’s grace to keep us safe.

Someone that reads this blog noticed that the pictures from yesterday were taken of the back of the RV, which means that I was driving our little car behind Kent. In WA and Oregon we can not tow our little car so I drive it. But now we can tow and I was able to ride with Kent in the truck today. I don’t mind driving but I am always glad to ride with Kent. He has all the responsibility then though. So do pray for him, OK?

Because I wasn’t driving today it was a bit easier to get some pictures…these of course are taken from the passenger seat of the truck, so you do see the dash of the truck in several of them.

This was as we left this morning. We can see the snow on the mountain and a little sprinkle of rain on the windshield.   The sun peaking through the clouds

The scenery was still beautiful with a mature evergreen forest. I love the Forests of the Pacific Northwest!  I am a little bit sorry to say goodbye to these forests but I am glad to get out of the rain.

We drove until about 2 pm today and found a nice place to park for the night. It is close to the highway but our bedroom is away from it. I like being close as I feel safer then. BUT it is also a free place to park and it will be filled with trucks for overnight. I was glad to stop and have some lunch/dinner about 3pm and then get computer work done.

Here is the view from my kitchen…I love it!

Love to you,

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Going Down the road!

October 23, 2012

We have been traveling now for several days. We started out by going south to Vancouver, Washington. We stayed at the back of the building where our WorldVenture Northwest Office is housed. They gave us electricity and a safe and free place to park for the weekend and we were grateful.

We spent the weekend there as Kent had a conference to do on Saturday. We also got to spend some time with Kent’s sister LeAnn and husband Ken who live in Vancouver now. We got to go to their church and just love it. We love spending time with our family.

On Saturday, while Kent was gone I got to spend 5 hours with a dear missionary friend. We mostly email each other over the years but once in awhile we get to connect in person. The hours flew by like minutes as we spent time catching each other up on our lives, families and ministries.

On Monday, we headed to Roseburg, Oregon in the pouring rain: I won’t complain as it had been a very dry summer in the Northwest.

We did see some pretty scenery along the way. I love the mountains and tall majestic evergreens of the Pacific Northwest.

Roseburg is where we have some dear friends we have known for over 30 year. We met them while living and ministering in SE Alaska. Phil and Jeannie have become even better friends the last few years. We look forward to every opportunity to see and be with them. They are planning on coming to Arizona to do some projects and we hope to see them there as well.

We got some sunshine and beautiful scenery…can you see the snow capped mountain peaking out on the left hand side of the road…under the clouds? The sign along the road said Mt Mcloughlin.

We have been driving with lots of big trucks hauling logs from the many forest in Oregon. Logging is an important job in Oregon.

Another highlight was that I called some other friends that we have also known for over 30 years .we got to know them in Alaska as well. Sid and Kathy’s hometowns are right off the freeway. So as I was thinking of them, I picked up the phone and called to see how they were and where they were now. We were able to get to see them for breakfast before heading down the road. It was a treat to see them again too as it was unexpected.We had thought they weren’t in the area so we almost missed seeing them.

We also had plans for meeting up with some friends, which we have only known for about 2 years now for lunch in Grants Pass, Oregon. They have just recently moved into a RV, like ours full time. It was a busy and emotional year for them. They both retired, moved out of their house and  left life time friends behind. They are in Oregon now helping to care for Debbie’s dad. We had a nice lunch with them and then got back on the road.

It was another interesting note that God did…Two of these couples have lost their only son to death in the past few years. The anniversary of those deaths was within a few days of our visit.  It was timely to have some special time with all these dear people.

This is where we parked last night. It is a RV park. I needed to do some laundry so we paid for a park for that night. It looked like a really nice park to come and enjoy in the sunshine. Maybe another time we could so that. But we had some sun to pack up this morning. Praising God for that as we have been driving in mostly rain.


As we went along we were met with a pretty view of Mt Shasta. With the weather today being a bit cloudy and rainy we were glad for this view.


We are parked here tonight:

Yes, it is a parking lot ….right beside a McDonald’s. It is free, fairly level and free..oh I think I said that already. We do have a really nice view out the back window… We are grateful for these free spots once in awhile as they save a bit of money.

We are continuing down the road tomorrow. Kent is checking road conditions as we did go over a 4,000 foot mountain pass today. There was some snow on the hills around that pass. So we need to get out of these higher areas. We do not drive this rig in snow. So if you pray for us…keep doing it. I had two close calls today and am very grateful for your prayers!!!


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Saying goodbye and moving on

October 19, 2012

Yes, we are about to take off and “go down the road” again. Here is where we have been parking for this summer.

We love living at and Jan loves working for SAMBICA. Kent continues to do our mission work for WorldVenture. Jan joins him at times in ministry too as Kent supports Jan in her job at SAMBICA at times. this Mission Fest was last weekend. We met a lot people interested in serving in missions.



Yesterday morning at the weekly staff meeting we said goodbye to the staff of SAMBICA. It was moving and humbling to hear the prayers of the team. There was a nice gift of appreciation as well,  a gift certificate to Outback Steakhouse as well as a sweet gift made my a friend.  But their prayers, words of encouragement and card were very appreciated. Goodbyes are hard as we never know if we will see this special people again, as Christians we know we will see each other again in heaven if not anywhere else. Goodbyes are still not easy and always a bit emotional.

Here is a bit of what I did at SAMBICa this summer:

What this flower bed looked like when I arrived:

What it looked like when I cleaned it up and planted the spring flowers

In the middle of summer

Other flower bed before

After cleaning up and planting spring flowers:

Fall look: Still blooming but frost is coming.

Another flower bed: in Spring before:

Now still looking good:

Another bed: In Spring

Middle of summer

End of summer:

I also was able to add an Herb garden this summer for the kitchen. Kent built the frame for me and we were able to find some good plants. That was fun!

Sometimes here in the Pacific NorthWest I find mushrooms in my landscaping role. Here is one I found in the early summer. Pretty huge mushrooms…And no we didn’t eat them as I wasn’t sure if they were edible, but they would have made a huge mushroom soup, right?

Now we are leaving and we will be heading to Arizona although we have stops along the way. We would appreciate your prayers for us as we travel as you might remember our truck tire blowing in the spring. That is all fixed now but we could still use your prayers for us. 

Keep watching for where we stop along the way. 


Jan for the Roaming Reimers




Our grandson turns seven

October 7, 2012

Wow, where has the year gone? I can hardly realize that Silas is now in 2nd grade and a 7 year old. Also when we skyped with him..we noticed that since we saw him this summer he has lost his two front teeth. So cute!


We had such fun while Silas and his parents( our son Josh and wife Teresa) were here this summer. Silas got to go to SAMBICA, which is the Christian camp where I have volunteered the last two summers. He and we had a great time while he was here.

Here he is sitting with his beloved Grandpa. They have such fun together too.


This picture was taken during the weekly carnival that the camp has for the campers. Silas loved it!


I will never forget the day Silas was born. It is very special when you are the mother but when you are blessed enough to be the grandmother, well that is really special.  Kent and I love every minute we get to spend with our kids and especially when we get to spend time with Silas.

Here Silas is trying on daddy’s clothes. Funny!  I love his sense of humor.Image

Silas with mommy and daddy…We sure miss seeing them more often…but treasure each moment we have with them.


We are so proud of you , Silas!  We pray for you and mommy and daddy every day. May God bless you especially at 7 years old, Silas.  We love you very very much! Hugs!!!


Jan (Grandma) for the Roaming Reimers