Our grandson turns seven

Wow, where has the year gone? I can hardly realize that Silas is now in 2nd grade and a 7 year old. Also when we skyped with him..we noticed that since we saw him this summer he has lost his two front teeth. So cute!


We had such fun while Silas and his parents( our son Josh and wife Teresa) were here this summer. Silas got to go to SAMBICA, which is the Christian camp where I have volunteered the last two summers. He and we had a great time while he was here.

Here he is sitting with his beloved Grandpa. They have such fun together too.


This picture was taken during the weekly carnival that the camp has for the campers. Silas loved it!


I will never forget the day Silas was born. It is very special when you are the mother but when you are blessed enough to be the grandmother, well that is really special.  Kent and I love every minute we get to spend with our kids and especially when we get to spend time with Silas.

Here Silas is trying on daddy’s clothes. Funny!  I love his sense of humor.Image

Silas with mommy and daddy…We sure miss seeing them more often…but treasure each moment we have with them.


We are so proud of you , Silas!  We pray for you and mommy and daddy every day. May God bless you especially at 7 years old, Silas.  We love you very very much! Hugs!!!


Jan (Grandma) for the Roaming Reimers

One Response to “Our grandson turns seven”

  1. Rachel McClelland Says:

    What a happy 7 year old Silas seems to be–especially when he is with Grandma & Grandpa!!!
    We’re finally settled at Holiday Spa! Your space & Peters are still waiting for you. Frank’s is also but don’t know if they can come!
    Blessings to you and your wonderful family!


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