Saying goodbye and moving on

Yes, we are about to take off and “go down the road” again. Here is where we have been parking for this summer.

We love living at and Jan loves working for SAMBICA. Kent continues to do our mission work for WorldVenture. Jan joins him at times in ministry too as Kent supports Jan in her job at SAMBICA at times. this Mission Fest was last weekend. We met a lot people interested in serving in missions.



Yesterday morning at the weekly staff meeting we said goodbye to the staff of SAMBICA. It was moving and humbling to hear the prayers of the team. There was a nice gift of appreciation as well,  a gift certificate to Outback Steakhouse as well as a sweet gift made my a friend.  But their prayers, words of encouragement and card were very appreciated. Goodbyes are hard as we never know if we will see this special people again, as Christians we know we will see each other again in heaven if not anywhere else. Goodbyes are still not easy and always a bit emotional.

Here is a bit of what I did at SAMBICa this summer:

What this flower bed looked like when I arrived:

What it looked like when I cleaned it up and planted the spring flowers

In the middle of summer

Other flower bed before

After cleaning up and planting spring flowers:

Fall look: Still blooming but frost is coming.

Another flower bed: in Spring before:

Now still looking good:

Another bed: In Spring

Middle of summer

End of summer:

I also was able to add an Herb garden this summer for the kitchen. Kent built the frame for me and we were able to find some good plants. That was fun!

Sometimes here in the Pacific NorthWest I find mushrooms in my landscaping role. Here is one I found in the early summer. Pretty huge mushrooms…And no we didn’t eat them as I wasn’t sure if they were edible, but they would have made a huge mushroom soup, right?

Now we are leaving and we will be heading to Arizona although we have stops along the way. We would appreciate your prayers for us as we travel as you might remember our truck tire blowing in the spring. That is all fixed now but we could still use your prayers for us. 

Keep watching for where we stop along the way. 


Jan for the Roaming Reimers




2 Responses to “Saying goodbye and moving on”

  1. Karen Says:

    Your gardens are wonderful! No wonder where Kara gets her talents! May the Lord bless you with safe travels.


  2. Phyllis Brown Says:

    Have a safe trip…was talking about you to Roy this morning…we are still here…all is the same…God Speed!!!!


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