Going Down the road!

We have been traveling now for several days. We started out by going south to Vancouver, Washington. We stayed at the back of the building where our WorldVenture Northwest Office is housed. They gave us electricity and a safe and free place to park for the weekend and we were grateful.

We spent the weekend there as Kent had a conference to do on Saturday. We also got to spend some time with Kent’s sister LeAnn and husband Ken who live in Vancouver now. We got to go to their church and just love it. We love spending time with our family.

On Saturday, while Kent was gone I got to spend 5 hours with a dear missionary friend. We mostly email each other over the years but once in awhile we get to connect in person. The hours flew by like minutes as we spent time catching each other up on our lives, families and ministries.

On Monday, we headed to Roseburg, Oregon in the pouring rain: I won’t complain as it had been a very dry summer in the Northwest.

We did see some pretty scenery along the way. I love the mountains and tall majestic evergreens of the Pacific Northwest.

Roseburg is where we have some dear friends we have known for over 30 year. We met them while living and ministering in SE Alaska. Phil and Jeannie have become even better friends the last few years. We look forward to every opportunity to see and be with them. They are planning on coming to Arizona to do some projects and we hope to see them there as well.

We got some sunshine and beautiful scenery…can you see the snow capped mountain peaking out on the left hand side of the road…under the clouds? The sign along the road said Mt Mcloughlin.

We have been driving with lots of big trucks hauling logs from the many forest in Oregon. Logging is an important job in Oregon.

Another highlight was that I called some other friends that we have also known for over 30 years .we got to know them in Alaska as well. Sid and Kathy’s hometowns are right off the freeway. So as I was thinking of them, I picked up the phone and called to see how they were and where they were now. We were able to get to see them for breakfast before heading down the road. It was a treat to see them again too as it was unexpected.We had thought they weren’t in the area so we almost missed seeing them.

We also had plans for meeting up with some friends, which we have only known for about 2 years now for lunch in Grants Pass, Oregon. They have just recently moved into a RV, like ours full time. It was a busy and emotional year for them. They both retired, moved out of their house and  left life time friends behind. They are in Oregon now helping to care for Debbie’s dad. We had a nice lunch with them and then got back on the road.

It was another interesting note that God did…Two of these couples have lost their only son to death in the past few years. The anniversary of those deaths was within a few days of our visit.  It was timely to have some special time with all these dear people.

This is where we parked last night. It is a RV park. I needed to do some laundry so we paid for a park for that night. It looked like a really nice park to come and enjoy in the sunshine. Maybe another time we could so that. But we had some sun to pack up this morning. Praising God for that as we have been driving in mostly rain.


As we went along we were met with a pretty view of Mt Shasta. With the weather today being a bit cloudy and rainy we were glad for this view.


We are parked here tonight:

Yes, it is a parking lot ….right beside a McDonald’s. It is free, fairly level and free..oh I think I said that already. We do have a really nice view out the back window… We are grateful for these free spots once in awhile as they save a bit of money.

We are continuing down the road tomorrow. Kent is checking road conditions as we did go over a 4,000 foot mountain pass today. There was some snow on the hills around that pass. So we need to get out of these higher areas. We do not drive this rig in snow. So if you pray for us…keep doing it. I had two close calls today and am very grateful for your prayers!!!


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

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