On the Road again

Kent and I love that country song that starts out that way. We like it especially when we are on the road again. We do like the time of moving from place to place.  New places to see, new people to meet and new adventures around the corner.

To give you some perspective of our situation, let me tell you about the weather. I think I had told you that most of the last few days we have traveled in the rain. And we stopped early last night because the rain had turned to sleet and it was beginning to get dark. So we were very glad to get off the road and park for the night. I was driving our little car behind Kent these past days.  We had a very good nights  sleep even with trucks coming and going all night and the temperatures had gotten down to 32 degrees overnight but we were very snug and warm in our RV house with our heater going.

We got up and had several layers of clothing on including a thermal shirt and a scarf for me and gloves for us both. We finally had fall weather and got out the heavier coats too. We set off about 10 am as Kent had a meeting this morning and wanted to check emails before taking off.

We had to change our plans for going into Nevada as the mountains had gotten snow on the passes and several were closed. And yes we do carry heavy truck chains, BUT we do not want to have to use them. And driving in any amount of snow is very scary for us. Our rig (truck, RV and car) is over 20,000 lbs and 73 feet long. We do not want to be towing all of that anywhere in the snow. So Kent had to look for alternative routes. We ended up going into California and staying as the weather is not a problem. So we have had the temperatures rising as we drove down the road today. Right now outside it is 63 degrees and very comfortable and we are only in N. California. We are so grateful for safety and wisdom and God’s grace to keep us safe.

Someone that reads this blog noticed that the pictures from yesterday were taken of the back of the RV, which means that I was driving our little car behind Kent. In WA and Oregon we can not tow our little car so I drive it. But now we can tow and I was able to ride with Kent in the truck today. I don’t mind driving but I am always glad to ride with Kent. He has all the responsibility then though. So do pray for him, OK?

Because I wasn’t driving today it was a bit easier to get some pictures…these of course are taken from the passenger seat of the truck, so you do see the dash of the truck in several of them.

This was as we left this morning. We can see the snow on the mountain and a little sprinkle of rain on the windshield.   The sun peaking through the clouds

The scenery was still beautiful with a mature evergreen forest. I love the Forests of the Pacific Northwest!  I am a little bit sorry to say goodbye to these forests but I am glad to get out of the rain.

We drove until about 2 pm today and found a nice place to park for the night. It is close to the highway but our bedroom is away from it. I like being close as I feel safer then. BUT it is also a free place to park and it will be filled with trucks for overnight. I was glad to stop and have some lunch/dinner about 3pm and then get computer work done.

Here is the view from my kitchen…I love it!

Love to you,

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

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