Traveling On

I will tell you about our last two days. We have been traveling through mile after mile of farming community. Lots of nut trees such as almonds, pistachios and I think pecans too. We also saw miles and miles of vineyards. I am sure that some are for the famous California Raisins but much would also go for wine. We traveled for about 6 hours all through farmland.

These pictures are often taken while Kent drives and I am in the passenger seat…so please forgive if they are a bit fuzzy now and then…OK?

Yesterday we stopped at another truck stop in central California. We were off the road by about 3:30 pm and settled in and got a lot of stuff done last night. Since we are not plugging into electricity but using our solar panels to give us power it is a bit hard to get a full charge on phones and computer. So I am trying to get a full charge at this moment while we have lots of sun. We had traveled several days in the cloudy and rainy and snowy weather so it is just the last two days that it has been sunny enough. When we need the power to run a fan for our heater…well that comes first of course.

We do look for places where there are lights nearby on purpose. So here is what it looked like when we stopped in the afternoon.

Kent came down with a cold and wasn’t feeling very well last night. I gave him all kinds of medicine and vitamins to help him. He still has the runny nose and was feeling kind of blah this morning but he felt like we could continue. I told him no medications while driving. I wanted him to be very alert today and he was!

Today we again traveled through lots of farming communities for several hours.

We saw apple trees and more vineyards as well as orange groves and many fields of cotton like this.

I wish we could stop long enough to look around and check out the farms…but not this time. We are going by so fast sometimes we just have to try to discern as we go down the road. We also saw some freshly planted crops that looked like the broccoli and cauliflower we all eat in the winter.

Also something VERY IMPORTANT in these communities is the water supply. It is a bit hard to see on this picture but if you look on the left at the bluish line, that is the water… an aqueduct bringing precious water to California. Without these waterways there would be little or no food produced here! The aqueducts and canals criss cross this whole area.

Today we turned east and tonight are again at a trucking stop. It has a gravel parking lot behind a smallish fuel stop. We are certain by late evening it will be filled with truckers. We are close to the highway but it isn’t that noisy and we don’t mind. Again it is a free spot to stay in.

Here is my view from the dining room window.

It is so enjoyable seeing these sights. I love when in an hour the scenery changes dramatically. This was this morning, gently rolling hills going by in between the farmland.

But then we turned east, we had to climb a small mountain. I think we went up to 4,500 feet from about 100 feet. So things changed drastically. There were smallish evergreen trees on the mountain and cooler air.

We are now at 2,500 feet and have desert landscape around us. The temperature is in the mid 60s and in the sun is very comfortable.

It is amazing that a few days ago,  we were worried about snow!!! BUT this is why we live in a “house with wheels”. So we can find the sun and enjoy it. Maybe this helps a bit for  you to see why we do this kind of living.

Kent is “in the office” already and doing all the things he needs to do after traveling  a few hours today. He has been making calls to pastors and candidates even in the evening after we have traveled or in the morning before. He usually spends a few hours a day for the mission even as we move along the road.

Someone asked me why I never say exactly where we are…that is for safety’s sake. Since this blog is for anyone to see I purposely try to be a bit vague.

Check in tomorrow to see where we are then. The adventures and  pretty scenery continue! We do praise God for safety on the road too.

May God bless you!

Jan and Kent for the Roaming Reimers

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