Still more travels

We didn’t have to travel as long today so we left around 9:30 am. When we “boondock” (that is park without hookups,) it doesn’t take very long to get ready in the morning. This morning was in the high 4o’s so we took the time to make a hot oatmeal breakfast. Then off we went down the road.

Scenery as we took off

Down the road a bit

We saw a variety of different landscapes but mostly desert. We went over a small mountain pass at 3,000 feet. YOu can see it here in the distance

Then ended up down in a valley near sea level again.

We even saw a whole valley of Cholla Cacti (pronounced Cho ya). They were in bloom and so we fun to see again. They are the lighter yellowish bloom you can somewhat see.

As we came down the mountain…we saw the Colorado River . Yeah! After all of that desert it was wonderful to see a bit of green and the water again.

When we crossed the river we were officially in Arizona again. Here is the sign welcoming us.

We are parked tonight in a RV park in Arizona.

My flowers that were languishing in the turnl of my car seemed happy to see the sun.

Also some late tomatoes from Kent’s parents that I am trying to get ripe enjpoyed the sun.

We wanted to wash clothes and do some cleaning. We also wanted to go to a church in town. Kent is coaching a young man that attends a church in town and Kent thought it would be good to see the church and pastor tomorrow. So we are here for a few days.

So long for now,

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

One Response to “Still more travels”

  1. Rachel & Dick Says:

    Welcome BACK to Arizona AGAIN! Ha Ha! Sounds like you are having fun and enjoying the sun. It crept up to the 90’s again for a few days but will be going back down to the 80’s the end of the week. Hope your tomatoes can get ripe by then ! Ha Ha!
    Looking forward to seeing you when the Lord brings you back to Holiday Spa!
    Blessings from Rachel & Dick


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