It’s my birthday

It’s my birthday…No, now don’t ask what year it is! But I will tell you, that I am still a few years away from the next decade! Hah!

We are still in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. We needed to do some things here in town. I wanted to be in town for my birthday as well.

We started out early celebrating last night with a steak diner at a local steakhouse. Kent said I looked like pumpkin in this new orange top. Hah!

It is also known for deep fried Lobster. I can’t eat much shellfish any more so I choose steak. Actually Kent and I shared a small 8oz tenderloin and we each got a salad and potato. t was plenty. We then went to a Car show held in town. It was full of all kinds of cars but had lots of 50’s and older cars. Most of them were beautifully restored. We walked around that for over an hour just admiring the cars.

Today we did some work at home and then went to Denny’s Grand Slam. Now that is free for your birthday. Then we went bowling.

Yes, I love to bowl and don’t get to go very often.

We only did one game but you can see who beat? I am out of shape for this. Hah!

We then hit the local library and read up on the latest of our favorite magazines. When a friend from Kansas City called to wish me a Happy birthday we stepped outside and then decided to move on. We went into the Safeway grocery store and decided to buy a take and bake pizza.

We wanted to use the RV park’s pool and hot tub tonight so we did that. Kent grilled our pizza, as he does a great job of that. BUT I wanted a special dessert that is one of my favorites. Crème Brulee’ is a custard with caramelized sugar on top of it. We were able to locate a local restaurant that served it and took it home. It was delicious! This is the restaurant where we got it.

I also heard from our daughter and son. It is always so good to talk to them. I was very glad also to hear from my youngest brother. That was so thoughtful of him. Also many friends gave me a Happy Birthday on facebook. Thanks to all!

Kent told me to go and look at the sunset…so here it is for you. Enjoy!

I am reading a really interesting book about a missionary family so I ended the day with that book. Called “Under His Wings” by A C Lawless. It is about a family that served as missionaries in China during World War II. I can only somewhat understand the many challenges they faced. It was a very hard life for them. It has been an inspiring and challenging story.

So that was my birthday. I pray that you have a great day on your special day!


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

2 Responses to “It’s my birthday”

  1. Phyllis Brown Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday my friend…sounds like you had a full and wonderful day….when will you be town here?


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