Solace in the desert

Kent and I felt a need for a quiet retreat away. We especially like going to the Arizona desert and this fall found it so restful. So on our way to Phoenix, we decided to take a few days relaxing in the desert. It didn’t cost us anything to stay a few days here, so a very cheap vacation!

Now when I say desert you might be thinking of sand in every direction, this picture demonstrates more what you find in this part of Arizona.

We usually look for a small tree to have a bit of shade.  Rocks…yes, rocks of all sizes. But underneath is sand but it has been beaten down for a long time the rocks come to the surface.

Rocks in every direction

What do we like about the Arizona desert? Well, at this time of year the solitude and quiet! Our closest neighbor is 1/2 mile away.

In January and February it is very busy here in the Arizona desert but now it is not.

There is no other RV within seeing distance. Although there are a few close enough if we needed help we could get it. We aren’t too far from a road but you can’t see it from our house.

We like the quiet lazy afternoons in the sun..oh yes..the sun! We have plenty of it and are running on our solar batteries entirely. We are in temperatures in the 80’s in the day and 50s at night so it is very comfortable and no need of heater nor air conditioner.

It is also very quiet. We sit in the shade and read in the afternoons.

We make a campfire and sit by it until after the sun has gone down in all its beauty.

This was supper one night.  Baked macaroni and cheese , spam and cooked peas. For dessert we made an apple crisp…All very good. I normally don’t like spam but this way it was good.

Here was our susnet one night…look for our smoke stack on the truck and you can see the Rv a bit in the shade of the sunset..


Last but not least

We watch the stars come out…and boy there are thousands that you don’t normally see in the city. We can see the Milky Way. We love this.

It is so peaceful. We do use the computers and phones to keep in touch and Kent was still working…but nothing it gives us some time to reflect and pray and sit and rest our souls and read.

We have also gone for walks. It isn’t too easy to walk on those rocks so we hike over to the nearest road…1/4 mile away and walk on that for a few miles to get some exercise. There were only 3 cars that passed us whle we walked 3 miles this morning.

We went to a church in the closest town, which was 5 miles away on Sunday morning. It was a small church and reminded us of a different time. Lots of hymns and the pastor gave an old fashioned altar call and a good Biblically centered. It was very refreshing to our souls.

Maybe now you can understand why we were glad to go to the desert. I hope you have a place to find this kind of solace in your life. I always feel uplifted by being in God’s nature. Thank You Lord for giving us this beautiful world to enjoy!


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

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  1. Mike Beldon Says:

    Wonderful, enjoy


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