Ministering in Texas

On Tuesday this week, Kent and I flew to Houston, TX and after meeting up wtih our 4 team members we all drove to College Station and Texas A & M campus. There is a ministry there that was hosting a mission conference. Breakaway is a neat ministry on campus. Kent and I have been there years ago for this conference, so it was fun to return and see how the ministry is growing.  It is a one of kind ministry on a secular college campus. Check out this ministry:

We got to Kyle Field which is their football field and stadium and we set up our booth outisde alongside many other ministries. There were about 5,000 students expected. We were just seeing hundreds of students start coming by the booth when there was a freak thunderstorm and lightning very close by.  All of us had to run for shelter. So we all huddled under the edge of the stadium…Kent found people to talk to while we waited.


and just when the speaker was showing up…the rain which had been pouring had stopped.

We had a great time of worship with the contemporary Christian group Shane and Shane and then Louie Giglio spoke. By the time he spoke there were over 6,600 studnets there. And yes, it was cold after the shower but they stayed and listened to God speak through this speaker. It was amazing!


The seocnd night was held in a church where we all had many opportunties to share with students. We saw hundreds of students this night as well.

But our whole team had many opportunites to share with students and to pray with them.


All of our team felt we has a good time of ministering together and that God used us all there.

Thanks for praying for us as God uses us to reach many who will reach others. We are so grateful for these opportunies!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

2 Responses to “Ministering in Texas”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Glad you’re back home safely!!


  2. Phyllis Says:

    I am so Blessed to know the both of you…and God Blessed you both…Thanks for your friendship…Phyl


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