Our Christmas 2012

While we had 4 Christmas parties to go to in the weeks before Christmas, the one with our small group was a special one.


 Most of the people we know here in Phoenix play a “White elephant game” at Christmas time. It can be lots of fun!



BUT Kent and I were most excited about our Christmas trip to see our son Josh, daughter-in-law Teresa and only grandson, 7 year old Silas.  We flew on Christmas day.   We were as excited to see them as they were to see us.


 It was so wonderful to have Silas come into our room in the mornings to wake us up. Silas is such a sweet little boy. Here he is goofing with me…


On one of our first days it snowed. And then again more snow. We went sledding several times. Both Kent and I had our fun times on the sled as well as pushing and pulling them. Silas’ 4 first cousins live right next door and so we usually see lots of them too.



Josh and Teresa have a new couple of friends. Otis and his family were such a delight to meet and get to know.


Josh has run two half marathons in recent months. So one day while the kids and us were sledding, Josh went for a run.  Here he and Kent are standing watching the sledders.


A week just flew by and it was hard to leave but especially hard to say goodbye.   We already look forward to our next visit….hopefully when it is a bit warmer. Hah! We are now again back in Phoenix.

Love Jan for the Roaming Reimers

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