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Hanging out with Kara and Nick

February 13, 2013

We always love spending time with Kara and Nick. While we were in Denver for Renewal Conference with WorldVenture we were able to stay at thier place. It was so fun to see thier place again after the kitchen remodel .

We were able to even celebrate Kent’s birthday with them. They took us to an Ethiopian restaurant on Friday night. On Saturday we all went to the Celestial Seasonings Tea Factory and Tea shop. .


We all enjoyed learning about Tea and then drinking all we wanted to of their 73 varieties.


We also went for a drive in Nick’s new SUV and a little “off roading.”


We were at 9,0004 feet elevation according to the GPS.


Nick taking a picture…He does this a lot and gets great pictures. So once in awhile I need to take a picture of him. Opps you can see my shadow too.


It was a beautiful view even though a bit cool at that elevation!


On Sunday Kara’s best friend Libbey, husband Gabe and little daughter Anika came for a brunch. Kara gets to babysit Anika so she knows Kara well.


We know Libbey and Gabe since they and Kara were all teens together. So it was a blessing to see how big Anika is getting.


Anika’s smileIMG_3882

Kara making blueberry pancakes in their beautiful new kitchen.


Another great visit with Kara and Nick.  Thanks kids!

Kara and Nick 019


Jan from the Roamingreimers

2013 Renewal Conference in Denver

February 11, 2013

Renewal Conference at WorldVenture headquarters in Denver is always a highlight of the year for us. It is 5 days of interacting with our missionaries that are in the United States for their home assignments.


One of the best things is the first two days of prayer. Yes, that is right! Two whole days just in prayer. We are so blessed to be with a mission organization that truly values prayer like that. After those two days of prayer together..then we had a worship and Bible time.


For Kent and I there were also some new contacts that had come to “check us out” as a mission. So tracking with them was part of our time.


We met as many missionaries as we could as well to hear their stories.

Then the board installed our new president for WorldVenture.


Jeff Denlinger and his wife, Christine have served in the Phiippines and then Venezuela with us. Jeff has worked at HQ for the last 9 years and now as the president. Kent and I got to know him when we lived in Denver.  We love his godly spirit and devotion to his family as well as to WorldVenture.  After the installation service, there were lots of workshops and Kent got to teach at one.


We love this week but come away from it full in our spirits and exhausted in our bodies… But totally refreshed!

We also had a fun time with Kara and Nick. Watch for that blog soon!

Love for Jan for the Roaming Reimers