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March 23, 2013

Kent and I were in Los Angeles, California last week. We went for a missions conference at Biola University.


It was a great week. Kent got to speak in two classes and that was packed full of students.


We met up with two of our missionary couples and they helped at the conference.


After the conference, Kent and I went to San Diego and met up with friends that are also supporters. Ross and Denise have supported us for 35 years. We met them right after we and they were married. We will both be married 38 years in May. We even lived together in a church’s parsonage for a few months. We had kids around the same time and they have all grown up. So we have been friends for a long time. Good friends and we so enjoy being with them every time we get to see them.



We also got to connect with a first cousin on Kent’s It was nice to have lunch with Vicki and her husband Ron.


Then we drove to our friends orange ranch in Pauma Valley, CA. Warren and Jan live here. Warren is the third generation to work this ranch and their adult sons now work along with them on the ranch. It is always a pleasure to visit on their ranch. We learn more about orange each time. Here is a beautiful view of part of their ranch with Mt Palomar in the backround. Kent and Warren walking in the groove.



We met Warren first as he is the first cousin to a friend that Kent went to aviation school with in Tennessee. Then we met Jan and have been friends ever since. They also have supported for over 30 years. Our kids always enjoyed going to their ranch as they enjoyed their time there so much. We know Warren’s parents too and were able to see them several times. That was so special too as they are having health problems and they are so dear!


We are so grateful for these two couples and families..and for their friendship and support, prayers, encouragement and love and well just all the ways they have encouraged us. We have many people like this in our lives and we feel very blessed.

I do pray that you too have some wonderful supportive friends that walk through life with you.

Gratefully ,

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

I fell out of moving golf cart

March 8, 2013

We are still in Phoenix and I was doing some gardening at the Christian college where I volunteer and I asked a co-worker for a ride in the golf cart to save some energy. My co-worker was driving and all of sudden had to swerve to miss a chain fence. It only had one chain on it and neither of us saw it till we were almost on top of it. So I knew he had to swerve I just wasn’t holding on!!

And NO, believe it or not I did not break any bones! I did get an abrasion on my left shoulder and a huge bruise on my left hip. So I am guessing that I hit that, do you think so? I am healing but the shoulder is not liking being covered up, so I think it took a bit longer to heal with putting bandages on it and then taking them off..OUCH! That hurts when the skin in full of little cuts.

BUT I am so very grateful that I didn’t get hurt worse. And I am also grateful for pain medicine when you need it! Sorry, no pictures..although I did see a college student “mouth” Did you see that? Almost like it must have looked really funny! It didn’t feel funny but I suppose it could have looked funny to him.

My flowers are really starting to ‘Pop” with color. As you can observe in this planter. After the freeze in January I am so glad to see them doing so well and brightening the campus.


I have also been helping with cutting back the bushes where the freeze damaged  them too. So every bush and tree needs more attention that usual this spring.

On Valentines Day my husband surprised me with some roses.


I haven’t gotten flowers for a long time. I loved fact they must have realized how special they were…as they never dropped petals…but actually dried on the stems. They still look great.  I love it! Thanks Kent!

Here is a picture that our son-in-law took two years ago. I thought you’d enjoy it.


I pray that you are doing well and enjoying God’s goodness in your life.

Love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers