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Today is our son Joshua’s birthday.

June 7, 2013

I can’t believe that Josh is really going to be 33 years od today. It seems only days ago that we brought him home from the hospital.

Here he and I are one Christmas years ago.


And it can’t be very long ago that he started school, then was graduating from high school. Now he has graduated from college and has been married for almost 9 years and has a 7-year-old that is finishing up second grade. Wow!

Here he is in a recent picture with his beautiful bride, Teresa!

You have made us proud of you, Josh! We are so grateful to be your parents and so very glad to have you as our son. Thanks for all the times we get to be with you, even if it isn’t as much as we would like. We treasure each and every moment!

Love and hugs from Mom and Dad and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOSH!

PS Thanks to you and Teresa for making us grandparents too!


We are back “on the road”

June 6, 2013

Kent and I left Phoenix, Arizona and the temperatures at or near 100 degrees on May 24th. One and half days after arriving back from England. Since then we have been on the move and visiting friends and supporters along the way.

We have been fighting wind almost since we started. So we were glad to be off the road for the first weekend in Albuquerque and this past weekend in Nebraska after outrunning a severe thunder-storm complete with half-dollar sized hail.  We have been in rain but fortunately have avoided the hail so far.

We entered our seventh state today…Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois and now Indiana. We will be here for about a week. I am going to do my pictures of the scenery we have come through a bit differently so it is not done yet. I will be compiling it and putting it on here soon.

BUT for those of you who are praying for our travels. Please keep praying.  We have outrun a bad storm with hail. We have lived through a night with terrific winds. We brought our slides in that night to try to sleep. Kent just yesterday fixed something that broke on the truck. Today we had a trucker come and tell us that something was possibly wrong on our Rv with the tires. Kent has a call in to the factory about that. SO…please continue to pray for our safe travels. OK?  Pictures to come.


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Great Britain trip -Part 2

June 3, 2013

After the bus tour was done, we set off on our own to explore more of England. We got on the fast train to the south coast of England which is very close to the coast of France.


We had met a lady named Susan in Seattle at the church we attended the last two summers. We had been corresponding and she had kindly offered to host us for a few days. Here is her house,  it was spacious and sweet!

IMG_0776Susan took to a fish and chip restaurant in Hythe for dinner the first night. It was delicious!


The next day we went off on a public bus, which was again a double-decker.  So we had a good view of the scenery and towns as we went along. Our goal was to get to the town of Hastings. As we had watched a BBC series about Hastings which took place during WWII and so we wanted to go and visit it and to be able to see and walk around more of the small towns in England.

The sign for Old town Hastings


A view of Hastings from narrow street


But after much searching Kent did find the house that they used in the film series. Yeah!


A narrow street in Hastings.


The sign for the old Court House. It says, it is possibly built-in 1450. Wow, now that it old!


We also went to the beach. On a clear day you can see France to the east. It is about 21 miles across the English channel here.


And a beautiful old church building.


We hoped on the bus and made our way back again by public bus and going through all the little towns around there. We got off a few times and then caught the next bus. We were told by friends to visit the town of Rye. So we did.


And this street of historic buildings.


We got off the bus in Hythe and wanted a bite to eat before going back to Susan’s house. Kent saw someone on the street and asked about a place to have a bite to eat. They walked us to the place and then joined us and we talked for two hours.  They made our night and it was a highlight for us to meet them.


The next day we took the bus to Dover. Yes, they do have white cliffs there. They are made of chalk and so we didn’t walk along the cliffs at the top. Instead we got pictures from their harbor. We had a little picnic there.


We stopped in a little tea shop on the way back. It was a rainy afternoon so it was a good place to have a bite to eat and some tea. And yes, even Kent had been drinking tea in the afternoon.


Here was our tea and we also had some scones!


The last night we were with Susan, it was our 38th Wedding anniversary. So to thank her and to celebrate we all went out together. We ended up going to an Italian restaurant because she knew the owners and it was good food!


At the end of our meal we all had dessert. I got Creme Brule, Susan got Flan and Kent got cappuccino coffee.  Yum!


That was the end of our trip to the south Coast. The next morning Susan took us back to the train station for the ride back to London. Watch for Great Britain Trip part 3 coming soon.


Jan and Kent for the Roaming Reimers

Trip to Great Britain- Part 1

June 2, 2013

We had the privilege to go the Great Britain which is England, Scotland and Wales all on the same island which is about that size of Oregon in the US.

We decided to do a bus tour as we didn’t want to have to drive. Most of our companions were US citizens as well. Most were on their first bus tour and one of their first trips outside of the US. We had a good time getting to know all of them. I think we were only 34 people.

We picked the tour because it went to 3 countries, England, Scotland and Wales. I think we traveled a little over 1,400 miles. We had a tour guide and a bus driver. So we could sit back and relax and enjoy! And we did!

We started out by staying across the street from Windsor Castle. Before going we didn’t know that this is Queen Elizabeth’s favorite residence. And we were told that the Queen was “in residence” because her flag was flying over the castle. We got to go and see this castle although we missed the Queen., Hah! We could see the castle from our hotel room Fun!


Of course there were the Beefeater guards there and we got to see them change but this is not the famous changing of the guards at the Buckingham Palace.


Have your hear of Flat Stanley books for younger readers? Well, Kent got Silas, our 7 year old grandson to make a “Flat Silas” for us. And Flat Silas had lots of fun on our trip and we sent pictures home to the real Silas each day to show what fun “Flat Silas was having!” Here he is hanging out with Kent in the backpack.


The next morning we took off on the bus for parts north. We stopped in Stratford on Avon(meaning on the Avon river). This is where Shakespeare lived and we also saw his wife’s childhood house as well. One of many thatched roofs that we got to see.


Thatched roof house


We then got back on the bus and headed for Harrogate in Yorkshire. That is where we stayed the night. This was a holiday for Great Britain and also a beautiful sunny day. People were all over the parks etc enjoying the day off and the sunshine. Scenery along the way. I am taking the pictures as we travel on the bus. So there are some reflections on the glass at times.


Our hotel is the white building on the right hand side. Really beautiful building.


We then went to the town of York. It has a beautiful old church that we got to see. Also the town of York, like York, PA is called the white rose city. Apparently there was a war between two lords..a long time ago. It was fought between The Lord of Lancaster and The Lord of York. The York Minster. We found out the Minster means church.


There was an ancient 15th Century city wall around York. It is still standing.


We then traveled to Jedburgh Abbey. All the Abbeys and cathedrals were beautiful. This abbey fell into ruin but it still a beautiful site.


We traveled on to Scotland and many rolling green hills dotted with many sheep.


The Green hills with the hedge rows dividing the fields were beautiful too, even at 60 mph.


We got to Edinburg, which is the capital. We had a great day there. We got to see the castle build high above the city. Edinburg is a smallish city for a country’s capital. We felt we got to see a lot of it in just two short days.

We did have a day to explore the Edinburg castle. By the way they pronounce the name Edin-boro.


We had Scottish dinner and even had some play the bagpipes for us.


This is the lovely old hotel we stayed in Edinburg. Very nice rooms!


There were many daffodils in bloom in Scotland. The weather had been a bit cold so the flowers were about a month behind. Of course, I loved all those flowers!


We then traveled back across the border and into England again. We were then in the Lake district of England. So beautiful and full of lakes as you would expect. But this was our one rainy day so you can see that the pictures from the bus’ window weren’t all that good., Although we loved the scenery as it went by.


More hedge rows. Apparently the people used hedges between their fields as it was cheaper than other fences. We saw these hedge rows on most fields.


We were starting to see the higher hills and moving into the lake area.


The first of many lakes in this area of England.


We arrived in Liverpool this night in time to go and see “The Beatles Story”. It’s a museum that shows their rise to fame and then the break up of the group etc. Almost all of us on the bus had listened to the Beatles and knew them from our teen years.  It was an interesting exhibit.


Next we traveled to Cardiff which is the capital city of Wales. What we saw was beautiful countryside again filled with many sheep. And also many fields of yellow…we were told this was canola being raised.


We had a wonderful fun-filled evening at the Cardiff Castle. There was good food and great entertainment.


Welcome in many languages. The second one down is Welsh.


The decoration inside the castle. Very ornate!


We had a banquet and great entertainment including using some of our group.


Jeff and Ivette had their 30th wedding anniversary this night. They became close friends to Kent and I as well.


We then drove on through many green pastures and more sheep back to England.


More green pastures


We next stopped to see to see the ancient roman town of Bath. As you might imagine this is where there were hot springs and so people from all over the ancient world came here for healing baths. It is still hot today but no one bathes here anymore.


We then stopped off to see Stonehenge which is an ancient ruins in stone. I don’t think any one knows for sure what the structure was for, many years ago but visitors flock to see it as it is very OLD!  It was very windy on this plain and a bit on the cold side.


Then we had two days back in London. We had an open top/double-decker bus to ride . We could get on and off as much as we wanted to. So we went to see the Tower of London first and then at many other sites along the way.


That was the end of our tour and this day we set off on our own on Public transportation. So I will stop for now. As there are so many pictures to pick from. I will do a England second Part in a few days. Come back and see more. OK?

Grateful for this special trip.

Love, From Jan and Kent and the Roaming Reimers