Great Britain trip -Part 2

After the bus tour was done, we set off on our own to explore more of England. We got on the fast train to the south coast of England which is very close to the coast of France.


We had met a lady named Susan in Seattle at the church we attended the last two summers. We had been corresponding and she had kindly offered to host us for a few days. Here is her house,  it was spacious and sweet!

IMG_0776Susan took to a fish and chip restaurant in Hythe for dinner the first night. It was delicious!


The next day we went off on a public bus, which was again a double-decker.  So we had a good view of the scenery and towns as we went along. Our goal was to get to the town of Hastings. As we had watched a BBC series about Hastings which took place during WWII and so we wanted to go and visit it and to be able to see and walk around more of the small towns in England.

The sign for Old town Hastings


A view of Hastings from narrow street


But after much searching Kent did find the house that they used in the film series. Yeah!


A narrow street in Hastings.


The sign for the old Court House. It says, it is possibly built-in 1450. Wow, now that it old!


We also went to the beach. On a clear day you can see France to the east. It is about 21 miles across the English channel here.


And a beautiful old church building.


We hoped on the bus and made our way back again by public bus and going through all the little towns around there. We got off a few times and then caught the next bus. We were told by friends to visit the town of Rye. So we did.


And this street of historic buildings.


We got off the bus in Hythe and wanted a bite to eat before going back to Susan’s house. Kent saw someone on the street and asked about a place to have a bite to eat. They walked us to the place and then joined us and we talked for two hours.  They made our night and it was a highlight for us to meet them.


The next day we took the bus to Dover. Yes, they do have white cliffs there. They are made of chalk and so we didn’t walk along the cliffs at the top. Instead we got pictures from their harbor. We had a little picnic there.


We stopped in a little tea shop on the way back. It was a rainy afternoon so it was a good place to have a bite to eat and some tea. And yes, even Kent had been drinking tea in the afternoon.


Here was our tea and we also had some scones!


The last night we were with Susan, it was our 38th Wedding anniversary. So to thank her and to celebrate we all went out together. We ended up going to an Italian restaurant because she knew the owners and it was good food!


At the end of our meal we all had dessert. I got Creme Brule, Susan got Flan and Kent got cappuccino coffee.  Yum!


That was the end of our trip to the south Coast. The next morning Susan took us back to the train station for the ride back to London. Watch for Great Britain Trip part 3 coming soon.


Jan and Kent for the Roaming Reimers

2 Responses to “Great Britain trip -Part 2”

  1. Karen Hostetler Says:

    Thank you for taking us on vacation with you! I enjoy reading your posts and seeing the lovely pictures.


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