We are back “on the road”

Kent and I left Phoenix, Arizona and the temperatures at or near 100 degrees on May 24th. One and half days after arriving back from England. Since then we have been on the move and visiting friends and supporters along the way.

We have been fighting wind almost since we started. So we were glad to be off the road for the first weekend in Albuquerque and this past weekend in Nebraska after outrunning a severe thunder-storm complete with half-dollar sized hail.  We have been in rain but fortunately have avoided the hail so far.

We entered our seventh state today…Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois and now Indiana. We will be here for about a week. I am going to do my pictures of the scenery we have come through a bit differently so it is not done yet. I will be compiling it and putting it on here soon.

BUT for those of you who are praying for our travels. Please keep praying.  We have outrun a bad storm with hail. We have lived through a night with terrific winds. We brought our slides in that night to try to sleep. Kent just yesterday fixed something that broke on the truck. Today we had a trucker come and tell us that something was possibly wrong on our Rv with the tires. Kent has a call in to the factory about that. SO…please continue to pray for our safe travels. OK?  Pictures to come.


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

One Response to “We are back “on the road””

  1. Cheryl Brubaker Says:

    Nice to “see” where all you have been, but we can wait patiently, as long as we keep getting to “hear” where you are and how you are doing cross country!


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