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Trip to New Jersey

July 30, 2013

We have some supporters that are friends that live in southern New Jersey. Now in case you are not from the east and think that New Jersey is just an extension of New York City, I want to enlighten you. New Jersey is actually called the Garden State and for good reason. It is a lot more than Newark and the beach!

Most of New Jersey has a sandy mixture of soil that grows delicious vegetables and fruits. Most notably are blueberries, melons and tomatoes as well as sweet corn. So there are farms everywhere in New Jersey. We got to eat some sweet corn, blueberries, tomatoes and melons all grown locally.

We lived in New Jersey for our first year of marriage and made some friends then. One of them that we have kept in touch with all these years, was Ed that we were visiting. He and his wife have supported us for many years.

Ed & Sue - Version 2

They live in an historic house and it is beautifully restored and landscaped. So I got some pictures of their lovely home.

The name of thier house

Front of their house

Backyard pergola


Beautiful Pond on thier property


We also wanted to see some old friends of my family. This family and mine lived side by side BEFORE I was born in New Jersey. My father who worked building major roads had a job there. So the Roskey Family and mine got to know and love each other. My family continued to visit them after we moved back to PA for many years. My dad got ill and we no longer were able to make the annual trip to the New Jersey shore and our friends.

Kent and I and our children lived in Pa for 6 years in the 90’s and so during that time I got back in touch with this family and took my mom to visit them. We have kept in touch since then through letters. So since we were only two hours from them I wanted to go and re-connect with them once again.

I had called the older sister and asked if we could see her…well she was so excited she got most of the family together for our visit. It was soooo nice to see them and look at old and new pictures of everyone. It was so neat to know that our friendships were still strong. We are now connected in new ways and I will stay in touch with them.

The Sisters and Brothers

The rest of us


God gives us many wonderful people in our lives and this was one example of the many visits we are having while parked here in PA.


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Traveling across the US

July 17, 2013

We have traveled from Phoenix, Arizona to South western Pennsylvania. We left Phoenix May 23 in the morning. We drove through Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and finally Pennsylvania.We did not drive straight through but had some stops along the way. We were in Indiana for a week and also in Michigan with our son, Josh, Teresa and 7 year old Silas. The trip was over 2,900 miles with our RV. We also just made a 4 day car only trip to Massachusetts which was another 900 miles.

We have seen friends, family, supporters and made some new friends along the way. God has blessed us and we feel those we met along the way also felt blessed.

Kent spoke in 4 little rural churches all on one Sunday morning. He will be speaking in other churches here in PA these two months we are here.

The pictures for this blog are in a video format. I have it on and hope that you all can see some of our travels. Go to: You will NEED the password which is: May 2013. Let me know if you have any trouble viewing this. OK?

We are certainly the Roaming Reimers these days! Watch for more trips to come.

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Back in London for 4 days

July 8, 2013

The last part of our trip to the UK was four days back in London. We jumped on a train and were in London in about 2 hours.


We needed to find a cheaper place to stay near the center of London for our last few days.  Our kids had showed us how easy it was to use website. Check it out for your next trip.

We found a place that was close to the public transportation and not that far from downtown London. We booked it for 4 nights because that was about the cost of one night in a hotel nearer downtown. And the bed was much more comfortable.

We stayed with a pharmacist called Graeme. He is Scottish but works in London. Graeme had told us we could use his kitchen as well and he had all kinds of helpful suggestions about travel etc. So we were so grateful for his help and his nice homey place.

We went all over by public double-decker buses. It was fun and easy!


We had mostly sunshiny days and we were so grateful. We got some more pictures of the Tower Bridge.


Tower Bridge from the street view as we walked across it.


Since there are many bridges that cross the River Thames this one is called the Tower Bridge although most visitors call it the London Bridge.


We also had a 30 minute cruise on the River Thames on a small city cruiser boat which was a part of our bus tour.


Not far away was the tower that houses Big Ben. We got a good view!


We walked along the Princess Diana Memorial walkway which takes you along Hyde Park, to see Kensington Palace and Garden, St James Place and Buckingham Palace. It is a beautiful walk through many gardens.


One of the gardens along this walkway.


Outside of Buckingham Palace


Gate at Buckingham Palace grounds


There were Beefeater guards in many places. Here Kent and I were talking to one of them and even Flat Silas got into the picture.


One day we went to Regent Park also which has lots of gardens too. I was so grateful for all of the spring blossoms. I am usually in Phoenix until after all of the spring blooms. So this was a treat as well.


Here is the Garden around Kensington Palace


We went to Trafalgar Square named after a famous naval battle where the British fought Napoleon.


It is not a square but large area where people come to just hang out on a sunny day. There are all kinds of statues all over commemorating many famous war heroes including one of Sir Winston Churchill here with Westminster Abbey in the background.


We went to see the British Museum right off Trafalgar Square.


Flat Silas was there with us. He enjoyed all the old Egyptian statues and even decided to take a nap on a BIG TOE.


Not too far from there is Baker Street and the address of the fictional character of Sherlock Holmes. 221A Baker Street. They had a museum at his fictional address and a statue of him in the street.


Hyde Park is one of London’s large centrally located city parks. We walked around and through the park several times.There were flowers everywhere and we enjoyed them.


Another thing I wanted to see was “Speakers Corner” in Hyde Park. At that corner, anyone who wants to say anything, can speak and say whatever is on their mind and nobody stops them. It was a cacophony of different speakers all shouting to get everyone’s attention. And yes, there was someone shouting about salvation too. I was glad to hear it although I could barely make out his words with all the other speakers there. You can see that even a downpour of rain didn’t stop them.


One of our highlights was going to see Westminster Abbey.


This is the church where Queen Elizabeth’s coronation was held about 60 years ago. Our host told us that we could go to the evening service as a worshipper and so it would be free to see it. I was so excited to do this. We were in line with hundreds of others. And all of us got in and there was plenty of room for more.


All the history in that place was awesome. We had a lovely service and I was pleasantly surprised how good the sermon was. I loved the old hymns in that acoustically majestic historic building and the whole atmosphere there. It was a blessing! When we came out it was near sunset and the sun was shining so beautifully on the building as well. I can tell you that I loved it!


We also went to Harrods’ store. I wasn’t sure what to expect but now I know why so many people want to go there.


I knew we weren’t going to buy anything, but the structure and the architecture was awesome. They had an escalator that went up about 5 stories.

In between the levels of the aptly named Egyptian escalator there were balconies and they had an opera singer at one of them singing beautifully.


One day we went to a street market called Portobello Market.


It was a long street that had many stalls from antiques, fruits and veggies to all kinds of ethnic foods. There was the usual crush of people in that kind of environment.


After an hour or two we walked on to the next adventure.

Another thing we got to go to was Covent Garden, which is not a garden but instead an area of London where they have lots of shops, a small market that is open on Sundays and then a fair type atmosphere.

We were able to get to see the large Apple store in London in Covent Garden. It is architecturally beautiful too.


Apple Geniuses at work


When we were hungry and ready for a place to sit, we stopped by a little outdoor cafe. I love these little places to eat.


As we sat there other people also sat at tables near us with only about 6 inches between tables it was impossible to not to hear conversations and eventually get into theirs and they into yours. Several asked us questions and we ended up talking with this one family from Philadelphia for quite a while. It made me glad to meet someone from my home state.

We decided to stop for a light early dinner at an old pub called the Grenadier.This place has been serving customers since about 1600’s. That is when the United States was just being discovered. We loved all the history here.


And the food was good too. Here is Kent’s satay chicken and my cheese plate and of course TEA!


It was such a nice day we walked all the way back to our hosts home that evening. We walked along the Thames River and could see the London Bridge in the distance.


This was a very special trip and one we will never forget! Again I am grateful for my mom’s estate that got this started! And we are so grateful for the new friends we made and many wonderful, friendly people that we met along the way.


Gratefully yours,

Jan and Kent for the Roaming Reimers