Trip to New Jersey

We have some supporters that are friends that live in southern New Jersey. Now in case you are not from the east and think that New Jersey is just an extension of New York City, I want to enlighten you. New Jersey is actually called the Garden State and for good reason. It is a lot more than Newark and the beach!

Most of New Jersey has a sandy mixture of soil that grows delicious vegetables and fruits. Most notably are blueberries, melons and tomatoes as well as sweet corn. So there are farms everywhere in New Jersey. We got to eat some sweet corn, blueberries, tomatoes and melons all grown locally.

We lived in New Jersey for our first year of marriage and made some friends then. One of them that we have kept in touch with all these years, was Ed that we were visiting. He and his wife have supported us for many years.

Ed & Sue - Version 2

They live in an historic house and it is beautifully restored and landscaped. So I got some pictures of their lovely home.

The name of thier house

Front of their house

Backyard pergola


Beautiful Pond on thier property


We also wanted to see some old friends of my family. This family and mine lived side by side BEFORE I was born in New Jersey. My father who worked building major roads had a job there. So the Roskey Family and mine got to know and love each other. My family continued to visit them after we moved back to PA for many years. My dad got ill and we no longer were able to make the annual trip to the New Jersey shore and our friends.

Kent and I and our children lived in Pa for 6 years in the 90’s and so during that time I got back in touch with this family and took my mom to visit them. We have kept in touch since then through letters. So since we were only two hours from them I wanted to go and re-connect with them once again.

I had called the older sister and asked if we could see her…well she was so excited she got most of the family together for our visit. It was soooo nice to see them and look at old and new pictures of everyone. It was so neat to know that our friendships were still strong. We are now connected in new ways and I will stay in touch with them.

The Sisters and Brothers

The rest of us


God gives us many wonderful people in our lives and this was one example of the many visits we are having while parked here in PA.


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

2 Responses to “Trip to New Jersey”

  1. LuAnn Says:

    Looks like you two had a lovely visit. This is a state we hope to visit someday.


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