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Weekend with Family

September 18, 2013

Kent and I moved our RV house to Owenton, Kentucky arriving Aug 30th. Our house is parked at Kent’s brother’s cable company. We got to spend the weekend with Kent’s brother and wife Jan (Yes, two Jan Reimer’s in the same family!)  We always have had such fun with this family. We have not seen them for 3 years and we were so glad to be here. We had several new members to meet in the family. Our niece Julie has two boys now. We had seen Caleb but since it had been 3 years we had to be reacquainted with him.  His baby brother Dylan we met for the first time.


All the boys enjoyed hanging out in our big truck and Rv house.


Then Uncle Anthony took the two older boys for a ride in the Bucket truck. You can barely see the boys as they are so short. They had lots of fun though!



Heather and her nephew that she is raising, Leland and Anthony and Heather’s son Cayden. It was fun to meet  all of them and to be with our nieces and nephews and all the in-laws.  Alicia was didn’t get into the picture but you can see the babies were ready to go. Hah!


A cute picture with Anthony and his son Cayden. So sweet.


Brian and Julie have been married ten years. Their anniversary is in September.


What a special time to see all of this part of the family. We do miss seeing them as much as we used to. So this was really fun!

Love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers