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Flying Trip to the Northwest

October 22, 2013

We arrived in Kansas City, Missouri in our RV house and immediately packed for a 2 week trip to the Northwest.

We flew to Portland, Oregon 2 days later. We went early to spend time with Kent’s sister and husband. We always enjoy spending time with them. We love their church and also got a nice walk in as the weather was really beautiful!


We had come to Portland for a conference with our WorldVenture Northwest team. We had Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to be together. We shared joys and struggles from this past year of ministry. We set goals together for the new year and heard some great stories from one of our missionaries.

On Thursday we drove to be with Kent’s parents in a town north of Seattle. We had several days to help them in between mission engagements. We got to go to their church with them on Sunday. There were some really brilliant red bushes there.


We also had a great day for a good view of Mt Baker which mom and dad can see from their property.


Kent was giving his mom lessons on her new ipad. The family just bought them an ipad for Christmas, birthday etc since the webtv they were using was not going to work anymore.  I  worked outside on projects helping dad Reimer. First I was to mow but…before we started mowing dad showed me this big mushroom in the grass. I had no idea if you could eat it or not… Kent’s sister LeAnn knows about mushrooms, not me…So we didn’t eat it.


As the grass was fairly long, we mowed high and then came back and mowed it again. Also Dad and I did some weeding/trimming and other projects around the yard. Here is just one load we took out to the burn pile.

photo (1)

They are  very proud of their Jonagold apples that they grafted onto another type apple tree. Looking really good and delicious here! Mom was practising with the ipad camera and took this picture. Way to go, Mom!


We got to go with mom and dad to an assisted living place where they go with their church weekly to do ministry. They go to minister to others not as agile and good in health as they are. Kent and I got to talk to a number of the residents too. We also went to a banquet for another missions ministry one evening as well.

In between we got to see some good friends. Ed and Goldie are friends of Kent’s and his family since before I knew him.


They have visited us many times. We traveled together a few times and just really enjoy being with them. In  recent years Goldie has been diagnosed with dementia (Alzheimers).


We had a good visit with them. These guys still pray for us each and every day! We praise God for them too! Ed surely needs our prayer now too! We are praying.

We did get to see another friend  who is also our supporter in the area too.  Gwen’s husband was away on a foreign trip but she brought along some people that we had met in Juneau, Alaska over 30 years ago when we first were missionaries.. It was nice to meet them again. We all enjoyed a Chinese meal together.  We had such a good time I forgot to get a picture!

On Monday we got to see our niece. This neice is Kent’s sister’s daughter who had bone cancer at age 15. She is doing really well now.  We went out for lunch for Vietnamese Pho.  It was good and a new experience for Mom and Dad Reimer. But we all liked it!


We also got to see her new house which she is just now buying. It was great to see her again too. Here she is In front of her NEW house. Way to go Amanda!


Back to Seattle, we stayed with a first cousin of Kent’s. We had a good couple of days with them. We don’t see them often but we so enjoy their company!


Wherever we went we tried enjoyed the scenery. Here the colors of the trees ranged from green, yellow, orange to bright red. So pretty!


Mission Fest Seattle is a missions conference held for the entire city. So many people come to these types of events that sometimes people have to be turned away because there isn’t enough room for all of them. WorldVenture had a booth.  Kent and our co-worker did seminars as well.

We also had a high school student come and help us out for a few hours. Apparently he had picked WorldVenture to research and then come and see us first hand. He helped Kent set up the booth and then hung around to see how the booth work was done.  Jackson was a delightful young man.


The wives stayed by the booth until the guys were done. These were long days(about 12 hours each) but very profitable. Our co-workers are camera shy, because they work in a difficult part of the world.

Kent was interviewed by the Mission Fest team. Here he is explaining something to them.


We had a good time connecting with other agencies workers too. Josh McDowell was the keynote speaker so that was good to hear him again.

After this weekend, we returned to Portland and Kent’s sister and husband. We got to go for a nice walk along the Columbia River and were able to see Mt Hood very clearly that day. We are a little grainy but you can sure see Mt Hood!


Here is Kent’s sister LeAnn and husband Ken. They are still in love and it shows! We love hanging out with them.


We flew back to KC on Monday. It was a great two weeks and we connected with so many people and we are glad to be back in our own home too!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Moving to Missouri

October 13, 2013

Kent and I got home from our trip to Denver, packed up our Rv and moved it from  Kentucky going west.  We drove through some beautiful countryside.


Fog Area


Here you can see the fog or whatever from what settles down around the mountains overnight.


Here you can see how the rock was so hard to build the road they had to blast through. My dad used to do that kind of work so I normally notice this.


The fields in fall are all browns, oranges and reds. I think they are pretty.


A pretty bridge that we crossed.


We stopped in St Louis to see long time friends and ministry partners.  We have known Jim and Julie since we met them in Alaska  about 1982. We have followed each other in many places around the country and even ended up seeing each other often when we lived in Kansas City years ago. We had a great time of fellowship and talked non stop trying to catch up. They are good friends that we always enjoy getting to see again. These guys really encouraged us by raising our support!  Thanks Jim and Julie!


After seeing Jim and Julie we continued on to Kansas City. We lived here for 9 years and so have a lot of friends here. We arrived on Thursday and Friday we saw a long time friend that is from Iran. And Friday evening our hosts held a party for more of our friends. It was so good to see people we haven’t seen for over four years. These people are special to us.

Saturday morning we flew out to Portland, Oregon. We are here for several things. More about that in the next blog…

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Flying trip to Denver

October 10, 2013

The last weekend in September while our Rv house was still parked in Kentucky, we flew to Denver for meetings.  We flew in a day earlier to be with our daughter Kara and see Nick her husband.


And to see our grandcat…Bean. She is a great cat and has finally warmed up to me. I love her and she has some of the most beautiful markings and coat. Of course all cats limb onto Kent’s lap right away…and he would rather they don’t as he is allergic. hah! But we both love this kitty!


We went to be with our SouthWest team for WorldVenture. It was a good couple of days of meetings and strategy and fellowship!  We had such a good time but I did not take any pictures even of the group…Opps! Next time!

We flew back to our house and then had a day to rest before we packed up the Rv house and moved to Kansas City, MO.

Hang tight as we have long trip to make and I will let you know more about that next time.



Jan for the truly Roaming Reimers

An Unexpected Blessing and Experience

October 9, 2013

In July I (Jan) got a call from the WorldVenture secretary for the North East region of the US. She was seeking a missions speaker for a Ladies retreat in New Hampshire. Would I be willing to do that?

When I looked at my calendar and realized that we would be “on the road” and our Rv house would be in Kentucky I was saying ” NO, when I felt the Holy Spirit say..”Why Not?” So in the middle of saying No, I asked Kent, if I could do this…and he said “Go for it!”

So I told her I would pray about and if everything came together I would do it. Well, all the things did come together for the trip and so I found myself flying to New Hampshire alone to speak as the missions speaker at a ladies retreat for women from all over New England. This was the first time for me to do this type of ministry alone without Kent to help me. Usually I arrange the flights and car and he does the driving and knowing where to go.  So that is what was different.  I actually went a day early too.

I arrived safely and got the car and drove to the camp. I enjoyed the drive and stopped a few times to soak in the history and beauty of the area. This was the first meeting house in Jaffrey,NH where the retreat was held. That was probably the only building in the early town used for everything. They still use this building too!



A house built in 1790. Really old too!


Some of the pretty scenery as I drove along the road. Leaves were just starting to change in the end of September.


I had arrived at the last sign. Monadnock was the one among others here. I still am having a hard time pronouncing it. Hah!


I had begun my preparation in late July and continued even while waiting for the flights. But I had a distinct impression from the Holy Spirit that I should share a different message. I was to talk for two 10 minute mission moments and then 1 hour talk about ministering to Internationals. I sort of pushed the Holy Spirit off by saying I had to keep to the subject given to me.  I enjoyed the time in the beautiful fall weather in New Hampshire. I enjoyed interacting with all the different ladies. And I enjoyed and was challenged by the main speaker.

And then it was my turn to speak…I was so conflicted about what I should talk about. In the prayer time right before I went to speak I finally surrendered to what I felt God telling me to speak about.

But I went to that podium sweating and totally relying on God for each I had not prepared this message.

One thing to say is WOW!  Awesome Power of God ! I shared the story of my own life. My life of abuse by 4 family members and how God has been healing me.  I believe that He has healed me and it is mostly as He has helped me to first forgive my abusers and releasing them to God to work in them. Turning over my hatred of them to Him.

Now many women have had a similar story but are still angry.  I met with many after this talk. Some felt God working in their lives and some needed prayer for it. I must say I was weak and forgot some important parts of my story to show God’s strength in and through me, BUT GOD WORKED MIGHTILY!  That is why God wanted to me go and share. I know some woman if not more than one, needed to hear that story. I do pray that God would touch many people through this message of Forgiveness and HEALING. 

God continues to do this work. And not only for my abusers but others He places in my life. So this is not a once and done kind of thing..this is what God will do each and every day and every moment as He needs to.

I am currently writing a book about my life and this part in particular. But this was the first time I was ever able to talk about this in a public place. May God use it in any way He chooses. I pray dear reader, if you have been hurt in some way that you are holding on to, that you will give it to God and allow HIm to help you to forgive, for yourself to heal!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Our trip to S. Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina

October 7, 2013

We left Kentucky leaving our Rv house there at Kent’s brother’s business location. Our first stop was Bristol, Tennessee. Bristol is an interesting town in that it is on the border between Virginia and Tennessee. Here is an unusual sign dividing the town.


Kent preached on Sunday at the little church that was our home church while we lived in TN for aviation training more than 35 years ago. Vance Bible Church was such an encouragement to us in those days. We have so appreciated their financial and emotional and spiritual support all these years of ministry.


Kent was ordained in this church so that makes it that much more special to us. I found this picture of his ordination there and it was fun to share it with these dear people.

Scanned Image 132330028

We also got to see and stay with some dear friends and supporters as well.


Larry and Yolanda drove us around all our old haunts. I had worked at three different places and we drove around looking at them. We drove by where we lived in a little old house. Since we lived there it has been torn down and nice new house was built on the property. Lots of good memories and it was fun driving around and seeing how things had changed. The scenery it still very beautiful of course. We loved living in Tennessee.

Watauga Crk 1978

Then we drove on to see some more friends that are also cousins of Kent’s near Blacksburg, Virginia. Again some gorgeous views. They live on a beautiful lake there and we just enjoyed so much seeing them and hanging out with their young adult kids. Here they are with their daughter Mindy and her dog.


We enjoyed all the winding roads and choose to drive around more slowly to see more. Here is some of the scenery in Virginia and on our way to visit our next friends.


We stopped at this river view. The river was so calm you can see a perfect reflection. Wow!


Down the road a little ways I spotted this old outhouse. I was intrigued by the sign. Of course you wouldn’t want any “strangers” using your outhouse! Funny!


I love the way the mailboxes show how these people live up the road a little ways.. It is like stepping back into another era of time. IMG_5983

We next journeyed on to North Carolina. We went visit some more friends.


We first went to Charlotte. Our supporters live there. We had such a good time seeing them and their son and his wife. The son had not been married very long and so we had not met his wife before. It was so fun to see all of them again. They have a real sense of humor and when Kent asked them for a half cup of coffee, they came out with this one. Funny!


We then went on to a smaller town south of Asheville to see Ruth and Mike again.   We first met them 6 years ago in Phoenix.


They also lived in a RV like ours and pulled with a big white Volvo. So we became instant friends. They have decided in this last year to get off the road and built a beautiful house amongst trees.


Beautiful! It was so fun to see them again and to catch up.  They drove us around on the Blue Ridge Parkway which winds through the Smokey Mountains all around Virginia, Tennessee and North and South Carolina.  Here I am sitting looking at the view. That is not really smoke..but fog from the way the mountains and the humidity make them look especially in the mornings. It is actually much prettier than this looks!  But this looks pretty good!


 I think the 4 of us talked non stop for the two days we were there. But we had a lot to catch up on so that is what happens. We do hope to go back and see them when we can take our Rv house and rest there a bit.nIt seemed like such a peaceful place. Thanks for the visit Ruth and Mike!

We then returned to our RV house in Owenton, KY to get ready for the next trip. Watch for that blog.!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Second important Family event

October 1, 2013

September 24th was our grandson’s 8th Birthday! He was pretty excited about it. Apparently he is saving up for  Kindle Fire as a reader and to play games on. Cute!

Here is a picture of Silas at about age 1. I love this one so much. I just found it among my pictures and so have it on my frig right now. So sweet.


Silas loves his grandpa Kent. He always enjoys doing anything with him. Even goofing off like in this picture from our visit this summer.



We did get to visit him this summer and his mom and dad too.


Silas now that you are 8 you are just as much fun as when you were younger. We love you and are so proud of you too!


Lots of Love Grandma and Grandpa Reimer

From the Roaming Reimers

Important Family Event

October 1, 2013

We have had some important family events that I was feeling badly for not blogging about, so here the blog about one of them even though a bit late.

On September 17th was our daughter Kara and husband Nicolas’ 7th wedding Anniversary. They were married in the mountains near Denver and live there since. Here is one of my favorite pics of their wedding day. You can see the joy in their faces.


They love camping and hiking and have gone all over doing it. Here are a few pictures of their adventures. Canoeing in Oregon


This one was taken along the Oregon coast


One of my favorite pics of them taken in Pennsylvania.


Kent and I just had the opportunity to see them both in Denver. What a treat it was too. I didn’t get any picture of them though. We were just hanging out and enjoying each other. They told me they would take some on their upcoming vacation. They always take creative ones like this one.


Congratulations Kara and Nick!  We are so proud of and love both of you!

Love Mom, for the Roaming Reimers

We left Kentucky today after a month

October 1, 2013

We are back “on the road again” as a popular country song goes…

As we drove away from Kent’s brother’s cable business office, we found it hard to realize that our Rv house was parked there for a little over a month. We have traveled from it so much. I will tell you about that in another blog.  Right now we are off the road for the night and able to get some office work done. We are both a bit tired from all the travels of September.

But let me tell you first about where we have been parked. Kent’s oldest brother, Ron



owns a cable company which offers cable, telephone and internet in a small town north of Lexington, KY where he stills resides with his wife named Jan.

Yes, his wife’s name is also JAN. We sometimes have interesting experiences when we are together because of our names being the same. Here we are with Alicia their daughter who is the same age as our daughter Kara. Jan and I got to see each other a bit during our time here and that was fun.


It was so nice to park here. Ron was kind enough to put in a 30 amp outlet for us and so we were very comfortable here. Here you can see his satellite dishes on the backside of his property.


We are parked on the west side of the building so we could see the sunset.


Here is a better shot of the view that we had from our side window. There is a small lake that we could see and the beautiful rolling hills all around us. It was so peaceful until the neighboring medical clinic had a helicopter rescue to do. Then off went the helicopter right over our RV…but that didn’t happen very often.

Here you can see the name of Ron’s company is KRCC. which stands for Kentucky Ridge Country Communications.


We had some beautiful sunsets here.


Ron used his bucket truck to get some of these pictures, so here he is in it…


One of our first days there Ron had to climb this tower to fix a problem. That tower is at least 40 feet tall.


This one picture is a bit out of focus but you can still see him way up there…


We wanted to do something as a thank you for them allowing us to park here. So we could see they needed some landscaping done. We bought the plants and Ron and Kent roto-tilled the soil.


Kent and I planted the next day.

IMG_6103Then came the mulch and almost done.


Of course, this is the kind of work I like!!! SInce I have don’t any all summer I was a bit sore though afterwards! Hah!   All done in short order, really one day! This is one of the sides but both are planted almost alike.


So thanks Ron for allowing us to stay near your office and to get to see you a bit more often than if we had parked elsewhere.


Love from Jan for the Roaming Reimers