Second important Family event

September 24th was our grandson’s 8th Birthday! He was pretty excited about it. Apparently he is saving up for  Kindle Fire as a reader and to play games on. Cute!

Here is a picture of Silas at about age 1. I love this one so much. I just found it among my pictures and so have it on my frig right now. So sweet.


Silas loves his grandpa Kent. He always enjoys doing anything with him. Even goofing off like in this picture from our visit this summer.



We did get to visit him this summer and his mom and dad too.


Silas now that you are 8 you are just as much fun as when you were younger. We love you and are so proud of you too!


Lots of Love Grandma and Grandpa Reimer

From the Roaming Reimers

4 Responses to “Second important Family event”

  1. Cindy Berry Says:

    This is very sweet. Glad to get a peek into your family life.

    Cynthia K. Berry Berry Marketing Communications 330/697-7188


  2. LuAnn Says:

    Great family photos!


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