Our trip to S. Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina

We left Kentucky leaving our Rv house there at Kent’s brother’s business location. Our first stop was Bristol, Tennessee. Bristol is an interesting town in that it is on the border between Virginia and Tennessee. Here is an unusual sign dividing the town.


Kent preached on Sunday at the little church that was our home church while we lived in TN for aviation training more than 35 years ago. Vance Bible Church was such an encouragement to us in those days. We have so appreciated their financial and emotional and spiritual support all these years of ministry.


Kent was ordained in this church so that makes it that much more special to us. I found this picture of his ordination there and it was fun to share it with these dear people.

Scanned Image 132330028

We also got to see and stay with some dear friends and supporters as well.


Larry and Yolanda drove us around all our old haunts. I had worked at three different places and we drove around looking at them. We drove by where we lived in a little old house. Since we lived there it has been torn down and nice new house was built on the property. Lots of good memories and it was fun driving around and seeing how things had changed. The scenery it still very beautiful of course. We loved living in Tennessee.

Watauga Crk 1978

Then we drove on to see some more friends that are also cousins of Kent’s near Blacksburg, Virginia. Again some gorgeous views. They live on a beautiful lake there and we just enjoyed so much seeing them and hanging out with their young adult kids. Here they are with their daughter Mindy and her dog.


We enjoyed all the winding roads and choose to drive around more slowly to see more. Here is some of the scenery in Virginia and on our way to visit our next friends.


We stopped at this river view. The river was so calm you can see a perfect reflection. Wow!


Down the road a little ways I spotted this old outhouse. I was intrigued by the sign. Of course you wouldn’t want any “strangers” using your outhouse! Funny!


I love the way the mailboxes show how these people live up the road a little ways.. It is like stepping back into another era of time. IMG_5983

We next journeyed on to North Carolina. We went visit some more friends.


We first went to Charlotte. Our supporters live there. We had such a good time seeing them and their son and his wife. The son had not been married very long and so we had not met his wife before. It was so fun to see all of them again. They have a real sense of humor and when Kent asked them for a half cup of coffee, they came out with this one. Funny!


We then went on to a smaller town south of Asheville to see Ruth and Mike again.   We first met them 6 years ago in Phoenix.


They also lived in a RV like ours and pulled with a big white Volvo. So we became instant friends. They have decided in this last year to get off the road and built a beautiful house amongst trees.


Beautiful! It was so fun to see them again and to catch up.  They drove us around on the Blue Ridge Parkway which winds through the Smokey Mountains all around Virginia, Tennessee and North and South Carolina.  Here I am sitting looking at the view. That is not really smoke..but fog from the way the mountains and the humidity make them look especially in the mornings. It is actually much prettier than this looks!  But this looks pretty good!


 I think the 4 of us talked non stop for the two days we were there. But we had a lot to catch up on so that is what happens. We do hope to go back and see them when we can take our Rv house and rest there a bit.nIt seemed like such a peaceful place. Thanks for the visit Ruth and Mike!

We then returned to our RV house in Owenton, KY to get ready for the next trip. Watch for that blog.!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

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