Moving to Missouri

Kent and I got home from our trip to Denver, packed up our Rv and moved it from  Kentucky going west.  We drove through some beautiful countryside.


Fog Area


Here you can see the fog or whatever from what settles down around the mountains overnight.


Here you can see how the rock was so hard to build the road they had to blast through. My dad used to do that kind of work so I normally notice this.


The fields in fall are all browns, oranges and reds. I think they are pretty.


A pretty bridge that we crossed.


We stopped in St Louis to see long time friends and ministry partners.  We have known Jim and Julie since we met them in Alaska  about 1982. We have followed each other in many places around the country and even ended up seeing each other often when we lived in Kansas City years ago. We had a great time of fellowship and talked non stop trying to catch up. They are good friends that we always enjoy getting to see again. These guys really encouraged us by raising our support!  Thanks Jim and Julie!


After seeing Jim and Julie we continued on to Kansas City. We lived here for 9 years and so have a lot of friends here. We arrived on Thursday and Friday we saw a long time friend that is from Iran. And Friday evening our hosts held a party for more of our friends. It was so good to see people we haven’t seen for over four years. These people are special to us.

Saturday morning we flew out to Portland, Oregon. We are here for several things. More about that in the next blog…

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

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