Flying Trip to the Northwest

We arrived in Kansas City, Missouri in our RV house and immediately packed for a 2 week trip to the Northwest.

We flew to Portland, Oregon 2 days later. We went early to spend time with Kent’s sister and husband. We always enjoy spending time with them. We love their church and also got a nice walk in as the weather was really beautiful!


We had come to Portland for a conference with our WorldVenture Northwest team. We had Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to be together. We shared joys and struggles from this past year of ministry. We set goals together for the new year and heard some great stories from one of our missionaries.

On Thursday we drove to be with Kent’s parents in a town north of Seattle. We had several days to help them in between mission engagements. We got to go to their church with them on Sunday. There were some really brilliant red bushes there.


We also had a great day for a good view of Mt Baker which mom and dad can see from their property.


Kent was giving his mom lessons on her new ipad. The family just bought them an ipad for Christmas, birthday etc since the webtv they were using was not going to work anymore.  I  worked outside on projects helping dad Reimer. First I was to mow but…before we started mowing dad showed me this big mushroom in the grass. I had no idea if you could eat it or not… Kent’s sister LeAnn knows about mushrooms, not me…So we didn’t eat it.


As the grass was fairly long, we mowed high and then came back and mowed it again. Also Dad and I did some weeding/trimming and other projects around the yard. Here is just one load we took out to the burn pile.

photo (1)

They are  very proud of their Jonagold apples that they grafted onto another type apple tree. Looking really good and delicious here! Mom was practising with the ipad camera and took this picture. Way to go, Mom!


We got to go with mom and dad to an assisted living place where they go with their church weekly to do ministry. They go to minister to others not as agile and good in health as they are. Kent and I got to talk to a number of the residents too. We also went to a banquet for another missions ministry one evening as well.

In between we got to see some good friends. Ed and Goldie are friends of Kent’s and his family since before I knew him.


They have visited us many times. We traveled together a few times and just really enjoy being with them. In  recent years Goldie has been diagnosed with dementia (Alzheimers).


We had a good visit with them. These guys still pray for us each and every day! We praise God for them too! Ed surely needs our prayer now too! We are praying.

We did get to see another friend  who is also our supporter in the area too.  Gwen’s husband was away on a foreign trip but she brought along some people that we had met in Juneau, Alaska over 30 years ago when we first were missionaries.. It was nice to meet them again. We all enjoyed a Chinese meal together.  We had such a good time I forgot to get a picture!

On Monday we got to see our niece. This neice is Kent’s sister’s daughter who had bone cancer at age 15. She is doing really well now.  We went out for lunch for Vietnamese Pho.  It was good and a new experience for Mom and Dad Reimer. But we all liked it!


We also got to see her new house which she is just now buying. It was great to see her again too. Here she is In front of her NEW house. Way to go Amanda!


Back to Seattle, we stayed with a first cousin of Kent’s. We had a good couple of days with them. We don’t see them often but we so enjoy their company!


Wherever we went we tried enjoyed the scenery. Here the colors of the trees ranged from green, yellow, orange to bright red. So pretty!


Mission Fest Seattle is a missions conference held for the entire city. So many people come to these types of events that sometimes people have to be turned away because there isn’t enough room for all of them. WorldVenture had a booth.  Kent and our co-worker did seminars as well.

We also had a high school student come and help us out for a few hours. Apparently he had picked WorldVenture to research and then come and see us first hand. He helped Kent set up the booth and then hung around to see how the booth work was done.  Jackson was a delightful young man.


The wives stayed by the booth until the guys were done. These were long days(about 12 hours each) but very profitable. Our co-workers are camera shy, because they work in a difficult part of the world.

Kent was interviewed by the Mission Fest team. Here he is explaining something to them.


We had a good time connecting with other agencies workers too. Josh McDowell was the keynote speaker so that was good to hear him again.

After this weekend, we returned to Portland and Kent’s sister and husband. We got to go for a nice walk along the Columbia River and were able to see Mt Hood very clearly that day. We are a little grainy but you can sure see Mt Hood!


Here is Kent’s sister LeAnn and husband Ken. They are still in love and it shows! We love hanging out with them.


We flew back to KC on Monday. It was a great two weeks and we connected with so many people and we are glad to be back in our own home too!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

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4 Responses to “Flying Trip to the Northwest”


    So thankful you have been able to contact many of your past friends and renew your friendship with them. What an exciting summer you are having!!!!! Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2013 21:15:11 +0000 To:


  2. LuAnn Says:

    Looked like a great family visit.



    You have a wonderful way of including Ministry Projects with Family Get-togethers and keeping everyone happy. So thankful you have time to help your parents with all their weeding and mowing. It looks like the Lord gave you a very profitable summer. Looking forward to having you back this Fall. Still don’t know about Frank & Mary or Peter & Maraleen…only the Lord knows!!!! Blessings to you from Rachel & Dick Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2013 21:15:11 +0000 To:


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