Visiting a Cousin

Kent and I drove from Kansas City, MO to Arkansas. We drove right by Branson, Missouri but didn’t stop this time. We have been there many times when we lived in KC. We did stop in Springfield and see friends that we had met in KC and that have moved. It was so fun to see D & K again.

Then we drove on down the road to Arkansas. We were our way to see a first cousin of Kent’s. We have not seen Gwen for over 30 years. It was so fun to see her again and meet her husband D. We had a great time together.

They have traveled a lot and we all have done missions trips so we had a lot in common. We enjoyed dinner and visiting on Saturday.

On Sunday we went to their church with them and they came and saw our RV house.


Their church had a beautiful stained glass window in the front of the church.


After lunch together they took us on a drive to see some of the town and countryside around.


We also got a walk in and then had dinner together. Can you see the guys on the left hand side of the street. They were walking faster than me and Gwen.


The trees are still very pretty in Arkansas.


They both took good care of us. We sure enjoyed our time with them. We do hope they will come and see us somewhere along the road.

Thanks Cousin!

Love from Jan and The Roaming Reimers


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