Update on Kent’s parents

We are so glad to let you know that Kent’s parents are doing well. Their car accident wasn’t as bad as we thought a few weeks ago.

Dad Reimer did break his sternum and was bruised and had abrasions. But overall he made a quick recovery.

Mom had ribs on both sides of her body that were broken and her sternum as well. Because of that she was in danger of pneumonia and did have over a liter of fluid taken off her lungs at one point. Mom is still in rehab and trying to get better enough to go home too.



Dad Reimer went home two days ago. Our daughter, Kara went to Washington to help them. Kent’s sister LeAnn has been there ever since the accident and Kara can help her too. We are so grateful for all the prayers and concerns. May God Bless you!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

3 Responses to “Update on Kent’s parents”

  1. June Bennett Says:

    Hi Jan  Have been praying and so glad to hear that Kents parents improving. Has been anxious time for you all. More later. Am trying to work out how to send Christmas letter! Love June

    ======================================== Message Received: Dec 02 2013, 03:38 AM


    • RoamingReimers Says:

      June, Thanks for your prayers. Yes, we are so glad that mom and dad are doing so well. We feel grateful for it sure could have been much worse. Kara is still there and helping Grandpa at home for now. So glad for that too! You can email your Christmas news too. Either way I look forward to your news!


  2. LuAnn Says:

    Glad to hear Kent’s parents are improving. 🙂


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